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The Campaign

The elder is always the key members for family reunion. According to a Tencent report on Chinese New Year gifting choice, 60.82% of people think it is really hard to find a best gift for their parents or parents-in-law. Meanwhile, 58.26% of people thinks “healthy and practical” are major factors to consider when thinking of gifts for the elders. Uniqlo grasped this big opportunity. The key to win at the Chinese Gifting season, is to become the best gift for the elders. With its heat technology in its product series ULD, there should not be a better gift than Uniqlo for people to bring back home to the elder in winter time.

Creative Execution

How do we target the right people at relevant moments: 1. To identify “migrant workers”, we used location-based services and mobile payment data on plane and train ticket purchase – then send them relevant ads and coupons as a reminder on buying fashion wear for their family back home. 2. We launched a mobile AI feature on WeChat social media, inviting people to take family photos and share them online. This AI function identified the age, gender and personality (according to smiles) of family members, and then UNIQLO product recommendations were given with a one-click order button. 3. For those unable to go back home or people want to get the product immediately, we promoted an “order online, pick-up offline” service where people can buy clothes online and then their elder loved ones can pick up the gifts in a UNIQLO store in their hometown.

The campaign achieved incredible results! We were able to give out coupons to 14.24 million people. 1.04 million family pictures were uploaded in our WeChat feature. 744,000 people became new UNIQLO store members. UNIQLO’s ULD series for the elder generation sold 326% more compared to the previous Chinese New Year! Clothing became a huge part of the holiday gift-giving.

This case is showing how we leverage media to make Uniqlo the top festival gifting choice. With insights on target audience and their media preference, we successfully find the best way to reach them, invite to join the campaign, raise brand awareness, share it out, and eventually convert into sales. None of these could be achieved without smartly leverage media to attract people.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The strategy has 3 steps: First, Uniqlo decided to target “migrant workers” – people who are traveling back home for family reunion. 68% of these people going back home less than 3 times a year. These people will never back home with empty handed. We designed a mobile interactive H5 program to invite people taking family pictures with their parents and share it on social media. And then use AI technology to recommend a Uniqlo product and invite people to order. Uniqlo also promoted its “order online, pick-up offline” service to meet the elder’s needs to have people enjoy the product right away.


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