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The Campaign

Finding our insights was a tough challenge - we started with all the usual sources of information - single-source database research; social, search & SEO trends and analysis; consumer surveys and focus groups. Interestingly, our research showed that all brand choice, particularly for the first-drink, happens less than 15 minutes before they order, ultimately choosing at the bar. So we hit the town to see what that moment of choice looked like in real-life - and that's when we struck gold..... We saw in action the real power of the Mojito - the worlds most contagious drink choice, because no one Mojitos alone. If one person gets a Mojito, friends and other patrons will follow. This was our insight to leverage.

Creative Execution

In order to leverage the infectious nature of the Mojito within the tight window timing for thirsty decision-making, we needed someone to order the first drink. Kicking things off for the Summer-fun season, 60 micro-influencers shared their own real and relatable #MojitoMoment on Instagram. Combining sales and location data, we identified the most influential bars and shared this #MojitoMoment content in targeted OOH panels within that critical 15-minute radius. Encouraged to share their own #MojitoMoments, the creative we used was generated by the very consumers it was designed to engage. By using influencer generated content - married with venue targeted outdoor - we not only established the #MojitoMoment as a first drink of the night ritual, we created the first ever dynamic media connection between social and OOH in the Australian marketplace! Who doesn't love a media first?!

We proved that the winning cocktail of context and content was the perfect mix to make the Bacardi Mojito the first-drink of the evening and Summers most contagious STD - socially transmitted drink. Target Mojitos to sell? 300k // Actual Mojitos sold: 1.5million!!!!! On-premise summer performance growth of 20% (YOY) Target Bacardi sales uplift? 1% // Actual Bacardi sales uplift: 14% Cheers!

This piece of work encompasses all the great things about true media craft - a fantastic consumer insight, wrapped in a core brand truth, brought to life through context and content across intertwined and perfectly targeted media executions. All of which delivered exceptional business results, customer engagement and improvements in brand strength.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

To meet our growth goals of 300k mojitos sold, we didn’t need people to drink them all night – just choose it as their first drink of the evening, thereby compelling their friends to join them. We needed to short circuit the default order of “Aperol Spritz” as the kick-off drink, which meant we had only a short period of time to snap patrons attention Bacardi’s way. In order to position a Bacardi Mojito as the ultimate first-drink and nudge consumers into a planned, conscious choice before they hit the bar, we created the #MojtoMoment - a new Summer ritual making Bacardi Summers most contagious STD - socially transmitted drink.


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