Product / ServiceGOOGLE SEARCH
CategoryC03. Data Driven Targeting
Media Placement ESSENCE Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

To change perception, we needed to tap into a big daily passion point Indonesian people were always curious about, football, and make Google Search the place for all football information. Indonesians who were interested in football were relying on Local websites and visit many news and vertical sites/apps to get their soccer information. Google search had a key feature called one-box answers that gave users all the information in one place, but they weren’t aware of it.

Creative Execution

The overall campaign focussed on mobile as the search app was designed to cater to a mobile audience and experience. Every ad featured the Google One-box UI which gave users clean and clear answers to queries on scores, schedules, highlights, line-ups, etc. We used in-game triggers like teams playing, time of day, and other data input to customize the ads into thousands of contexts. We customized football ads according to each game across display, social and mobile video: Programmatic creatives were served dynamically based on which game was on, the creatives dynamically incorporated little details like team jerseys to give the fans a delightful experience. We customized ads according to schedule and when games were live on air: The big league games happening in Europe aired at the wee hours, and this gave us an excellent way to target creatives based on football fans' search patterns and behaviours.

The campaign drove a massive increase in sports-related searches: 113% search query lift. Time/day parting tactic worked across programmatic- Lift in morning and evening bands coincided with our targeting strategy, with score-related creative performing nearly 5x better in the morning vs. the evening. We achieved the ultimate goal to increase usage: The campaign added a massive 600k+ Sports related Daily Active Users and created a regular base of users who now rely on Google search for their soccer information needs. The ads reacted in real-time to the game. We planned our entire campaign and creative so our users could stay abreast with the games even though the games aired in the late night/early mornings. With the help of dynamic creative, we were able to deliver fresh creatives on scores, highlights, and schedules for each different game, every day during the game season.

Football is both a social and personal experience. The Google search app delivers a personalized response to every football search query based on a user's location, time of day, and other real-time triggers. Our campaign offered a personalized experience to fans at scale using real-time data and insight to finesse our communication and connect our audience to their passion. The objective was to show Google updates its football results in real-time and it was the easiest way to follow every aspect of the sport.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

To drive our Daily Active Users and build a habit, we wanted to make Google search a way to find out more about their biggest passion: Football. We realized that teams and information about clubs, favorite players, etc. give users identity and belonging. Most of all, it helps them socialize and bond over the sport, making them feel part of a tribe when the gathered around 'Nobars'- places where Indonesians gathered to watch the game together. Indonesian fans use knowledge of the sport to talk and bond socially over what happened in the game. To drive high relevance, we looked at data and tried to be as contextual to many micro-moments in the lives of fans and find moments where they would need football information. Our strategic approach to media was to identify the right channels, times of day dynamically according to the game schedule, etc.


Name Company Position
Mira Sumanti Google Product Marketing Manager
Vinod Savio Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Executive Creative Director
Marco Rotoli Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Design Director
Meyvi Wedelia Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Creative Group Head
Anirudh Chohan Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Strategy Lead
Satria Partala Pamungkas PT.Toaster Biro Kreatif Senior Copywriter
Prayudha Bimo Aryotedjo PT.Toaster Biro Kreatif Art Director
Mujib Jamin Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Motion Graphic Editor
Kencana Kesuma Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Front-end Developer
Dewi Pintokoratri Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Executive Producer
Petra Ferdinand PT.Toaster Biro Kreatif Producer