Short List
Product / ServiceGOOGLE MAPS
CategoryC02. Use of Real-time Data
Media Placement ESSENCE Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

We launched the new Google Maps 2-Wheeler feature and created ads that gave bikers an experience of the product with every ad based on their location. Our campaign had many moving parts, all designed to help two-wheeler riders, stay on the move. To relate to the 2 Wheeler audience, we wanted our ads to use data to empathize with the 2 Wheeler user when they were stuck and serve them a way out of being stuck in traffic. Each ad was deep-linked to the user's location within the app, so when users clicked on any of our assets, the 2 Wheeler mode on Google Maps showed traffic data based on their geo-location. Every ad was not only relatable but useful in peak traffic, morning/evening commutes, CBD, and traffic prone parts of the city, etc.

Creative Execution

A highly data-driven campaign reached ~40 Million people using many contextual levers like location, commute times, time of day, etc. The campaign programmatically served creative assets that were dynamically created by pulling real-time data from the Google Maps 2-Wheeler UI into various formats across media to create thousands of variations of creatives basis traffic jams, morning evening rush hour, etc. Every ad displayed real-time Google data, to show riders little lanes they could use to cut their commute times, and avoid highways jams. On Instagram, we created Insta Stuck-Stories with authentic stories shot from the POV of a biker stuck in traffic jams. Even these stories featured real-time maps data on alternative bike routes. The campaign launched in March 2018 and was active for two months.

The campaign increased both awareness and usage from the sizeable 2-wheeler user base in the market. As compared to the target of gaining 50% awareness- we were able to achieve 95% awareness of 2 Wheeler feature amongst the target audience (overachieved by ~2x). We achieved our goal of increasing actual usage: The proof of the pudding was in the actual usage of the feature. Given the campaign, we were able to trigger through direct channels real trials and help users become daily active (habitual users). We gained 7% incremental Daily Active Users through Google Maps 2-Wheeler feature.

The campaign's effort was to launch the new Google Maps 2-wheeler feature by targetting bike/scooter riders in Greater Jakarta Region. Our creative and media had to intercept their daily commute routines at the right time and place to drive awareness and trial. We had to use daily commute triggers, to serve users different iterations of ads that featured the Google Maps UI, by pulling real-time traffic and route data and reach out via DR channels to get them to experience Google Maps 2-wheeler feature like they would on the app.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Target Group: Our core audience were Indonesian 2-Wheeler commuters in Jabodetabek who used mobile internet. Insight: Riding is the way to keep moving in greater Jakarta traffic, but things can get painful the moment the bike/scooter stops being in motion. In-depth interviews with users revealed that pollution, being stuck between in traffic, rain and heat affect riders the most only when the bikes halt in the middle of a commute. Bikers will choose a longer and more time-consuming journey, than a shorter one with multiple stops. Our Strategy: Show bikers how they can keep moving freely with the new Google maps 2-wheeler feature.


Name Company Position
Sasha Sunu Google Product Marketing Manager
Vinod Savio Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Executive Creative Director
Marco Rotoli Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Design Director
Meyvi Wedelia Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Creative Group Head
Anirudh Chohan Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Strategy Lead
Satria Partala Pamungkas PT.Toaster Biro Kreatif Senior Copywriter
Prayudha Bimo Aryotedjo PT.Toaster Biro Kreatif Art Director
Mujib Jamin Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Motion Graphic Editor
Kencana Kesuma Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Front-end Developer
Dewi Pintokoratri Toaster Limited Singapore Branch Executive Producer
Petra Ferdinand PT.Toaster Biro Kreatif Producer