Product / ServiceHOME LOANS
CategoryB10. Use of Social Platforms
Media Placement CARAT Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production AUGUSTO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

The Campaign

We asked the All Blacks to skip – so viewers didn’t have to.

Creative Execution

In every one of our films, you could watch the All Blacks jumping rope. As the boys took to each challenge with the utmost enthusiasm – our commentator explained the unique scenario, and kept interests piquing while breaking the home buying journey into four, bite-sized steps. While we led with a long-form content piece that housed all of the tips, we also released 6” bumpers, 15” teasers and 30” attention-grabbing films that directed our audience to a landing page full of clear, easy to follow advice.

“A killer use of the platform and proof that used creatively, even the most functional messages can be engaging.” – Ross Jauncey, Head of Create at Google. So, what was it about the creative that impressed Google? Our campaign pulled off a tricky feat, by creating sustained engagement across the sequence of ad placements. Our 30” films were receiving up to a 60% completion rates. When we placed an 11” or a 15” before a 30”, the completed views on that 30” actually went up (usually it goes the other way and the completion rate on the second viewed video goes down). What’s more, the completion rates for the 30” after seeing the 15” were better than if they didn’t see anything from us first. By showing them a shorter tease first, we primed our audience, gained sustained interest, and created an audience less likely to skip the longer video.

Our campaign transformed the home-buying journey for first-home buyers, by taking the boring topic of a bank’s home loan tips and turning them into unskippable content.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Banks should speak the language of first-home buyers. But they expect their customers to learn theirs, making their boring online films easy to skip. The first-home buyer audience the bank was after in this campaign watches less and less traditional media. Therefore, boring films wouldn’t work – our audience would simply skip over them. So we created ‘The Unskippable Home Loans tips’, using ASB’s sponsorship of New Zealand‘s revered national rugby team, The All Black’s, to deliver message. The premise was simple. We gave each of the All Black’s a jump rope. The longer you spent listening to our home loans without skipping the ad, the longer you made the All Blacks skip.


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Nicole Hethrington & Simon Fowler WiTH Collective Creative Directors
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