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Media Placement WAVEMAKER Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production 3 WEBLING Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company TRANSPIRE Malvern, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

Each time someone uses the DreamLab app they are helping to solve real cancer research problems – meaning every app user is really a cancer researcher. Creative Approach: We harnessed the power of the world's largest professional network, LinkedIn, to launch a recruitment campaign inviting people to download the app to start their DreamJob as a Cancer Researcher. LinkedIn has a built-in function that automatically notifies your connections when you start a new job. So we simply recruited the most connected influencers on the platform to change their job titles to ‘Cancer Researcher at DreamLab App’, instantly notifying their hundreds of thousands of connections that they’d started their DreamJob fighting cancer. The title change created a thunderclap moment and a tsunami of notifications were sent across the world, with our new media chanel calling on people to download the DreamLab app to start their DreamJob fighting cancer.

Creative Execution

In order to reach as many individuals as possible, we recruited the most connected LinkedIn influencers, including Scoot Airlines Managing Director, Jarrod Simcox, and Prime Time News Anchor, Sandra Sully, to launch our social activation. With the nation returning to work on Monday, 23 October 2017, hundreds of influencers updated their job title overnight, instantly sending direct notifications to their giant social networks, through our new covert media channel. Driven by the opportunity to do good and our unexpected media placement, Australian and International LinkedIn users responded rapidly by adopting the job title change, triggering a wave of title changes never seen before on the platform. Over the next week, news about the DreamLab app continued to spread through the network rapidly and organically, with new notifications arriving in thousands of users inboxes with each new job change. PR then fueled the fire, with our campaign gaining national news coverage.

By hacking the LinkedIn platform and creating an entirely new media channel, we were able to reach hundreds of thousands of Australians directly, helping to achieve our goal of creating a mobile network of ‘cancer researchers’ with the DreamLab app. This innovative approach to media helped deliver our message to 875,000 people through LinkedIn alone, with the campaign reaching over 15.4 million people in total. These results helped us smash our target of 50,000 app downloads with the current number sitting at 110,00 downloads and counting. But the real success of this campaign has been that our new network of DreamLab app users have solved over 4 million cancer research problems since launch, fast tracking the completion of the first piece of the Cancer puzzle – Project Decode. As a result, DreamLab has now gone global – launched in the UK and New Zealand with plans to take it further.

As Vodafone Foundation is a not for profit organization, our campaign needed to reach as many people as possible without the luxury of a giant media budget. By hijacking the built-in functionality of the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn, we created an entirely new media chanel that delivered a powerful message directly and organically to hundreds of thousands of people across Australia and the world.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

With social responsibility being high on Millennials list of priorities, they became our focus. But while they are highly motivated by charitable causes, we found they are the least likely group to actively participate - contributing fewer donations, time and resources than any other group. This posed a major challenge as not only did we need them to download the app, we also needed them to inspire their networks to do so too. A survey revealed that millennials use their occupation as a way to positively impact the world (Deloitte, 2017). It became clear that millennials aren’t slacktivists, they’re opportunists! They’re motivated by causes that intergrate into their lives, not one-off donations. LinkedIn therefore became the perfect platform to connect with this purpose-driven group. And by hijacking LinkedIn’s built-in functionality we could reach hundreds of thousands of people directly without a large media budget.


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Simon Langley J. Walter Thompson Sydney Executive Creative Director
Will Edwards J. Walter Thompson Sydney Creative Director
Chris Badger J. Walter Thompson Sydney Creative Director
Giles Clayton J. Walter Thompson Sydney Senior Copywriter
Simon Hayes J. Walter Thompson Sydney Senior Art Director
Ana Lynch J. Walter Thompson Sydney Client Services Director
James Ansell J. Walter Thompson Sydney Senior Account Director
Rebekah O'Grady J. Walter Thompson Sydney Account Manager
Carly Yanco J. Walter Thompson Sydney Head of Strategy
Brona Kilkelly J. Walter Thompson Sydney Strategic Planner
Amanda Slatyer J. Walter Thompson Sydney Broadcast Director
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