Product / ServiceINFINITI QX50
CategoryD02. Use of Branded Content created for Digital or Social
Idea Creation CHEIL WORLDWIDE Beijing, CHINA

The Campaign

Living in big cities in China means you’ll waste hours on the traffic. Data shows that drivers spend more than 2 hours per day on average in their cars. Over 90% of the drivers choose to listen to music or radio to kill time. For them, car is one of the most important media. We wanted to create a brand-new approach to experience the functions of INFINITI QX50, to establish a closer relationship between the car and the driver and to encourage users to create and share their own unique experience. To achieve this, we decided to use dynamic music as a message carrier for product features. We collaborate with well-known electronic musicians to launch a program that allows consumers to interact with the brand.

Creative Execution

We invited Chinese well-known electronic musicians to collect different sounds when using different car parts and functions of an INFINITI QX50. Each sound was recorded in a professional way with special equipment. We remixed these sounds into 18 dynamic sound effects and uploaded them to an HTML5 (it’s not an app, no download is needed). Then users can freely choose various sound effects on this HTML5 to endlessly compose their own unique music. They can share their best music on social media and inspire others. We announced this HTML5 on the brand’s official social platform (Wechat) on 23th November 2017. Users could upload and distribute the music they composed on the mobile social platform (Wechat).

The positive response and action was immediate and considerable. In 3 days, over 300,000 users have participated in this campaign and we received up to 5,533 amazing masterpieces. We hosted a unique concert for the fans allowing over 20,000 people to enjoy the original music composed by users on a live concert. As a result of the popularity of this campaign, the sales jumped 270% year-on-year.

With music we turned each car into a media for INFINITI, spreading messages concerning a QX50 model’s functions by playing music that is made by the car itself.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

In the first-tier cities of China, listening to music is one of the favorite leisure activities of our target consumers. Listening to music while driving has become their daily habit. In the same time, mobile phones are their most important device to access information and to entertain. That’s why we launch this campaign about music on mobile devices to communicate with our target audience of QX50, generating interactions on social platforms.


Name Company Position
Dechun Qiu Cheil China Senior Creative Director
Delong He Cheil China Associate Creative Director
Hongting Wang Cheil China Art Director
Rutong Wang Cheil China Art Director
Mina Gao Cheil China Copywriter
Peiwen Li Cheil China Copywriter
Polly Chu Freelance Creative Consultant
Flip Sorée Freelance Creative Consultant
Jacky Lung Freelance Creative Consultant
Sofia Liu Cheil China Business Director
Roy Huang Cheil China Account Manager
Leo Lee Cheil China Producer
Levi Duan Cheil China Technical Director
Zhiqiang Li Cheil China Technical Director
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