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The Campaign

CONTRADICTING CONSUMER INSIGHTS Contrary to the bleak health statistic that 30% OF HONGKONGERS ARE OBESE, data shows that Hongkongers exercise more than other countries. They HAVE ATTEMPTED TO EXERCISE and LIVE HEALTHILY, but it WASN’T SUSTAINABLE, dropping off after taking the “First Step”. We needed to motivate these “First Step-ers” to turn heathy living into a habit. CULTURAL INSIGHTS INSPIRES CREATIVE STRATEGY This is in line with the CORE PHILOSOPHY of the campaign: ‘Striding On’ takes inspiration from the Chinese saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Regardless of what one wishes to achieve, one must take the first step and be persistent in working towards one’s goal. Hence, our STRATEGIC DIRECTION is to target these receptive “First Step-ers” to sign up for our Striding On: 21-day Challenge and motivate them to gain momentum till the lifestyle becomes a habit.

Creative Execution

A.I. INNOVATION FIRST IN HONG KONG Our campaign is the FIRST IN HONG KONG to employ A.I. Image Recognition Technology to assist in targeting. It operated in 3 STEPS: THE “3-Ds” FRAMEWORK 1. DECIPHER by unlocking image data 2. DEFINE data needed for accurate targeting 3. DEPLOY immediately at point of need 1. DECIPHER •The A.I. crawls through images audiences posted in social networks •It reads and machine-learns them to identify high-potential First Step-ers •It ascertained if the prospect is at the gym or home at a certain location 2. DEFINE •TARGETING ACCURACY ENHANCED through PAIRING data signals generated from the A.I. with location and contextual social media mentions data 3. DEPLOY •Visual data signals activate instant-moment targeting. Consumers TARGETED WITH RIGHT-MESSAGE-AT-RIGHT-TIME based on images shared on Facebook & Instagram •Within minutes, our A.I. detects the data signal. Once one leaves their social media page, they are invited to participate

The Striding On campaign successfully motivated Hongkongers to strive towards a healthier lifestyle. A.I. helped RALLY FIRST-STEPPERS to the Striding On platform •CTR% Performance surpassed industry benchmarks: 6.5x - 13x more effective •1.95% CTR (vs. 0.15 – 0.3% industry benchmark) •Cost Efficiently generated 7% of total clicks with 3% of total budget •28,845 (+132% vs. overall campaign avg.) HIGH PARTICIPATION & ENGAGEMENT with interested audiences •85% engagement rate •90% interested to participate in similar programmes by HKJC •83% will recommend to others •100,000+ completed tasks & 277,000+ unique visitors IMPROVED AWARENESS OF HKJC’S PURPOSE & VALUES •80% aware of HKJC’s “Striding On” spirit •75% agreed HKJC drives betterment of Hong Kong •68% agreed HKJC supports and encourages people to progress together ENHANCED BRAND IMAGE •80% agreed HKJC contributes to society •More people perceived HKJC as a progressive organisation (+2ppt) •More people acknowledged HKJC’s contribution to the community (+2ppt)

Hong Kong is a dense, multicultural city, leading to a locational and linguistic “Konglish” mess limiting the accuracy of traditional targeting methods. We ingeniously COMBINED IMAGE DATA SIGNALS WITH LOCATION AND CONTEXTUAL SOCIAL MEDIA MENTIONS DATA to bypass the barriers of traditional targeting with the help of A.I. IMAGE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY, allowing us to deliver highly relevant, personalized ads to our target audience. The inventive combination of data and use of A.I. assisted targeting allowed for PERSONALISATION-AT-SCALE, allowing audiences to be deeply engaged and thereby increasing engagement with our Striding On: 21-day Challenge, spurring Hongkongers to strive towards healthier lifestyles.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

SO HOW DO WE TARGET OUR “FIRST-STEPPERS”? As the Striding On: 21-day Challenge sits on a digital platform, we targeted our First-Steppers through mobile platforms. MEDIA TARGETING CHALLENGE However, traditional targeting methods run into various challenges as: • Hong Kong is a highly dense vertical city making LOCATION-BASED TARGETING A MESS • The prevalent use of “KONGLISH” ONLINE LEADS TO INACCURACIES IN CONTEXTUAL TARGETING But MEDIA INSIGHTS show that there is a shift towards IMAGE-FIRST from text-first in social media updates • Social media photos document our daily activities and these image signals provide a wealth of information especially selfies • Deciphering these images unlocks an insightful source of data for accurate targeting So, our DIGITAL STRATEGIC SOLUTION is to Employ INNOVATIVE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IMAGE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY to leverage these image signals.


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