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CategoryB11. Use of Technology
EntrantADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation ADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Production CEREVO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 IDEALUMP Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 ADK ARTS Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

The idea was to use cutting-edge TDK technology in absolutely different way from trending IoT/gadgets such as stand-alone robotics or personal perfect servant like amazon echo. Thus, we come up with the idea of technology connecting human and nature. Bons-AI is not stand-alone technology but technology stands between nature and humans. Bons-AI is a like no other bonsai which can communicate with human. Each function was designed to encourage people and plants could have compassion for each other: asking people to give water when needed, or learning conversation by people talking their problems to Bons-AI.

Creative Execution

We initiated Bons-AI project as an ongoing project. We opened project outline to public before it started, and collaborated with several partners which gave us AI and robotics. The progress of this projects was introduced online and after 5 months, the prototype Bons-AI was created. We designed three functions: asking for water to humans if needed, walking around the room to look for sunlight and answering to humans's problem when people talk to it. A few series of concept movie and exhibitions attracted interests from mass and social media from not only Japan but also overseas.

400+ articles around the globe 35+ million media impressions 9+ million views on YouTube 4.4+ million website visits

Bons-AI is the whole new product/creature which was developed in order to convey the brand's message to audience as whole new media. This half-robot, half-plant worked perfectly as a media by itself and a powerful spokesman as well.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Targets are the young generations who did not know TDK because they have not used TDK's past products; cassette tape and VHS and so on. In order to attract their attention and get them interested in TDK technology, we aim to create something that they would be surprised and shared online. This strategy leads to execution that mixed new cutting-edge technology and old cultural bonsai.


Name Company Position
Takeshi Yamamoto ADK Creative Director
Satoshi Otsuka ADK Planner
Atsushi Matsumoto ADK Copywriter
Yoshihiro Kozuka ADK Creative Technologist
Ichiro Yamada ADK Planner
Tsuyoshi Fujita ADK Account Executive
Masataka Honda ADK Account Executive
Sakura Egami ADK Account Executive
Tetsuya Kogusuri Cerevo Hardware Producer
Kazumi Kira Cerevo Hardware Producer
Yujiro Kaida Cerevo Designer
Ryosuke Tamura Cerevo Hardware Engineer
Shinya Kamimura Cerevo Hardware Engineer
Munemasa Ikebukuro Cerevo Hardware Engineer
Hidefumi Miyahara Idealump Software Producer
Hiroaki Matsuoka Idealump Software Engineer
Noriaki Koide Idealump Software Engineer
Satoru Ikeda ADK Arts Film Producer
Yusuke Minato ADK Arts Production Manager
Maya Furuichi ADK Arts Production Manager
Junji Kojima Independent Film Director
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