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CategoryC01. Use of Data Driven Insight
Idea Creation OMD HONG KONG Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Media Placement OMD HONG KONG Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Production OMD HONG KONG Hong Kong, HONG KONG

The Campaign

Most of the games kicked off past 11pm in Hong Kong. Having stayed up all night jumping and cheering for World Cup brought up the adrenaline level, but fans get a growling stomach as soon as it fades away. What if we can “own” these hungry moments before our competitors do?

Creative Execution

Partnered with Google, we leveraged on their REAL TIME TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY, a global first initiative to push promotional message along with real time scores, delivered at key moments during World Cup (i.e. the beginning / half time / the end of a game & a team / player scored) to anticipate the “hungry moments”. To deliver higher relevancy, different 'teasers' (creative versions) were fed to our predefined segments on DMP, segregated by their past purchase behaviour, preferences and digital footprints. For instance, fans will receive coffee promotion approaching 4am, or a close-up of our new “Spicy Beef Burger” for beef lovers!

Please refer to below confidential information for the jury as client request the result to be seen only by the Judges.

This campaign is driven by media in which media planning and buying played an indispensable part in segmenting and delivery the key messages to the right audience, at the right moment.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Leveraging on this simple insight, we could be the first one to reach hungry fans by anticipating their hungry moments and tease them before our competitors do. With the power of real time data and cumulative data on our Data Management Platform (DMP), we are even able to learn fans’ favorite food and reach them when they wanted it the most! Who could resist a banner you can almost smell it?


Name Company Position
Randy Lai McDonald's Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer
Agnes Lung McDonald's Hong Kong Vice President
Zero Kwok McDonald's Hong Kong Senior Marketing Manager
Miko Lau McDonald's Hong Kong Marketing Manager
Kat Chan OMD Hong Kong Business Director
Mandy Shek OMD Hong Kong Digital Manager
Kiff Lam OMD Hong Kong Media Executive
Quentin Chow OMD Hong Kong Data Marketing Director
Anthony Lau OMD Hong Kong Strategy Director
Charlie Li OMD Hong Kong Communications Planner