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CategoryD02. Data Storytelling
Idea Creation CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 GUILTY CONTENT Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ant White CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer
Glen Dickson CHE Proximity Group Creative Director
Chris Andrews CHE Proximity Creative Director
Joe Hill CHE Proximity Creative Director
Garret Fitzgerald CHE Proximity Creative Director
Cameron Bell CHE Proximity Senior Copywriter
Sam Dickson CHE Proximity Senior Art Director
Julie Duff CHE Proximity Head of CHEP Films
Elena Szymanski CHE Proximity CHEP Films Producer
Damian Capicchiano CHE Proximity Senior Editor
Matt Thompson CHE Proximity Sound Engineer
Matt Rose CHE Proximity Technical Director - Products & Communications
Hoang Nguyen CHE Proximity Technical Director - Web & Platform
Andy Stewart CHE Proximity Creative Technologist
Sam Bury CHE Proximity Digital Producer
Chris Howatson CHE Proximity CEO
Andrew Drougas CHE Proximity Chief Operating Officer
Jess Hughes CHE Proximity Group Account Director
Sarah Newell CHE Proximity Account Director
James Needham CHE Proximity Planning Director
Loner Studio Loner Studio Music
Tony Rogers Guilty Director
Jason Byrne Guilty Producer
Rohan Timlock Guilty Producer
Kellie Cordner Chief Marketing Officer
Trudi Sampola Group Marketing Manager
Jun Lee Sia Brand Manager
Caitlin Retell Digital Specialist
Luke Bronts Development Manager
Sarah-Lucy Price PR Director

The Campaign is Australia’s largest online classifieds for second-hand cars. carsales’ AutoAds ensured anyone trying to sell their second-hand car via carsales received a one-of-a-kind, expensive feeling car ad to help their sale. For free. It is a cloud-based, ad generating platform that uses car listing data to automatically create thousands upon thousands of commercials. Sellers didn’t have to lift a finger. All they had to do was list their car as they normally would, and the data (the information they’d entered about their beloved second-hand car) was seamlessly used to create a unique TV ad. After listing their car, sellers received an email with five personalised car ads. Each was based on a clichéd car commercial genre. Tough, City, Adventure, Family and Luxury. The AutoAds platform is capable of generating over 1.2 trillion possible combinations ensuring that no two ads will ever be the same.

Creative Execution

We created big, expensive-feeling, one-of-a-kind car ads for every Australian trying to sell their second-hand car. The ads could be easily shared on their social networks, helping them make a sale (and a select few were even played on broadcast TV). Each ad played off a classic car ad theme: Adventure, Luxury, City, Tough and Family. The commercials followed a suitably over-the-top character through a mixture of ‘presenter’ shots cut together with each seller’s own amateur car photographs to provide all the information a potential buyer needed. Speed was key to the success of the platform/campaign. To address this, we built a series of bespoke algorithms that scraped the standard classified forms that sellers were filling out. As they started tapping the keys, the algorithm started working in the background, automatically ingesting data into our video creation platform. Combinations were pulled and merged within seconds using Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Step Functions and Lambda to stitch it all together. The data solution had to be serverless, so our AWS cloud environment was purposefully constructed to process thousands of ads concurrently as the word spread and demand increased. The data helped generate over 5,000 audio and video clips. Every photo, every possible odometer reading, every seller’s name, every price variable was stored in a huge library, ready and waiting for our purpose-built tech to generate the next ad in real time. The result was a library of elements that could be seamlessly stitched to create 1.2 trillion possible combinations of car ads.


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