Silver Spike

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Product / ServiceNO PRODUCT
CategoryA03. Video / Moving Image
Idea Creation R/GA TOKYO, JAPAN
Production R/GA TOKYO, JAPAN


Name Company Position
So George Sugitomo R/GA Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Niklas Lilja R/GA Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Masa Tanaka R/GA Tokyo Associate Creative Director
Toru Nagahama R/GA Tokyo Design Director
Sookie Lee R/GA Tokyo Visual Designer
Anthony Baker R/GA Tokyo Group Technology Director
Kumi Tominaga R/GA Tokyo Creative Technology Director
Yosuke Suzuki R/GA Tokyo Executive Strategy Director
Jon Hingston R/GA Tokyo Group Production Director
Naru Kudo R/GA Tokyo Senior Producer
Yoichi Kanazawa Kaibutsu Motion Design Producer
Kenji Shimatani Chronography Motion Designer
Takahashi Okada East Crew Installation Production
Masaki Ono AOI Pro. Video Producer
Hayato Sone 4th FILM Videotographer
Bob Mackintosh R/GA Tokyo VP/ECD APAC

The Campaign

The creative idea was simple: a gift from Tokyo to sister city Paris. MUJI color pens are one the most iconic and celebrated products of all time, not just in Japan but across the world. We used 37,968 MUJI pens to recreate the iconic Tokyo Tower, the sister of the Eiffel Tower, at the Paris MUJI store. In the lead up to the festive season the installation was illuminated with projection mapping, each pen acting as a pixel, with spectacular effect. Come Christmas-time, store visitors could take the pens with them, letting the experience live on in thousands of Parisians homes.

Creative Execution

TOKYO PEN PIXEL used 37,968 MUJI pens as pixels to bring the iconic Tokyo Tower, the sister of the Eiffel Tower, into the MUJI Paris store. Each minute, a different projection brought the installation – and Tokyo – to life, in a vibrant world reminiscent of a snow dome. From a gentle dawn to neon night lights, kaleidoscopic snowflakes to a swirling blizzard, Tokyo’s skyline came alive. Then as a final nod to the spirit of the season, Tokyo Tower transformed into a Christmas tree, and the buildings below became colorful gifts.


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