Product / ServiceRAID
CategoryA02. Digital Illustration
EntrantBBDO CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation BBDO CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Leong Wai Foong BBDO China Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Greater China
Airy Han BBDO China Creative Partner
Leo Yan BBDO China Group Head
Runqi Zhang BBDO China Senior Art Director
Vince Low Freelancer Illustrator
Vince Cook Energy BBDO Global ECD
Alvina Seah BBDO China General Manager
Darryl Juinio BBDO China Executive Director
Kate Chou BBDO China Account Director
Stella Wu BBDO China Account Executive
Grace Yu BBDO China EP and Director of Creative Production department
Jinkin Zhu BBDO China Studio Manager
Wen Dong BBDO China Artist
Stephen Chu BBDO China Chief Digital Officer, Greater China

The Campaign

In a world demanding more from them than ever, moms in China tend to dismiss mosquitoes as a slight annoyance or “just a small bite.” However, the same mosquitoes are vectors for potentially serious diseases that moms should want their children protected from. Illustrating this increases the importance of mosquito bites beyond “just a bite;” and it elevates the need to protect families from mosquitoes that are potentially carrying diseases.   By showing moms the hidden threats of mosquito bites in a compelling fashion, literally displaying the usually invisible and seemingly erratic flight path of a mosquito on the way to bite a child, we illustrate the true dangers of mosquitoes and remind her of the role of Raid® – to protect her family from mosquitoes.

Creative Execution

The mobile screen first shows a series of chaotic, fine lines jumbled together. As viewers tap on the lines, the ad unit illustrates random flight movement of a mosquito, complete with annoying buzzing sound. These lines move to reveal a series of shapes, starting with a half-filled bottle of stagnant water — a common breeding ground for mosquitos. Cleverly crafted to convey fluid, in-flight motion, the mosquito path continues through a series of different animals. From a rat to a bird to different stray animals — all victims of the same mosquito that could next bite a child.   The viewer can interact with the story of the mosquito’s bite path, tapping on each animal, to see facts about the diseases associated to these animals.   This interactive and educational mobile content was shared on social media, giving moms an unforgettable demonstration of the need to prevent mosquito bites and fully protect their child with Raid repellents.

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