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Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

STARFLYER aims to provide the unique value of smart luxury; how can it set its service apart from major competing airlines? <TARGET> STARFLYER’s main target is the business athlete, who is always swamped with work. People can perpetually be online in Japan today, which is accelerating the situation. <COMPETITOR ACTIVITY> Major airlines announced implementation of WiFi this spring. This seems convenient at first, but it drives passengers to become even busier. <ISSUE> What passengers truly seek of travel time is a break where they can relax and concentrate on what they need to at that moment.How could we innovatively change inflight time to a relaxing environment and provide new value?

Creative Execution

We produced modern ambient music to reduce cabin flight sounds, which no other airline had ever addressed, tailoring it as much as possible to provide relaxation, and introduced it to all seats on all flights as an inflight service. We used the brightness data of pulsating variable stars, which pulsate over a long period of time, as a base for the music. Using the STARFLYER name as a hint, we harnessed star pulsation data for the creative and tailored it into music. Using sound created by converting the light curves of five distinctive pulsating variable stars as a base, we integrated frequency masking technology that mitigates the roaring engine sounds during a flight to create music that invites better relaxation when listened to in the cabin. We even measured the brainwaves of those who listened to the music inflight and proved that it is effective for falling asleep and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation effect). We achieved 103.5% YOY passenger growth. This is very favorable, considering the difficult battle expected with competitors changing their services. We also heard that a passenger who was troubled by panic disorder before boarding the flight was able to ease symptoms by listening to Star Chorus and safely complete the flight. This indicates new potential for music in the medical field as well. Rather than being satisfied with these results, STARFLYER will continue to develop music programs and other innovations to provide time and space for passengers to focus.


Name Company Position
Taro Umemura HAKUHODO INC. Exective Creative Director
Yuya Takiguchi HAKUHODO INC. Creative Director
Koichi Kosugi HAKUHODO INC. Art Director
Natsuki Akanuma HAKUHODO INC. Designer
Genta Nakahara HAKUHODO INC. Technical Director
Yutaka Tanaka TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Producer
Teppei Ohno TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Producer
Tomoaki Endo TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Digital Director
Kenjiro Matsuo Invisible Designs Lab. Ltd Sound Producer
Yui Onodera Invisible Designs Lab. Ltd Sound Designer
Ryosuke Kondo TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Production manager
Rina Kikuchi TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Production manager
Taishi Furukawa TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Production manager
Akito Sakaino TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Film Director
Sadaki Matsuda Freelance Director of Photography
Minami Yahiro TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Editor
Rintaro Kozasa TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Editor
Akari Tatsumi TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Mixer
Ayami Fujiwara TAIYO KIKAKU Co.,ltd. Assistant Mixer
Shinya Yoshida MontBlanc Pictures Co.,Ltd. Generative Motion Graphic
Yasuhiro Kimura homunculus Inc. Web Designer
Hiroshi Yamanaka homunculus Inc. HTML Author
Ryo Ikeda Freelance WebGL Developer
Masatoshi Nakagawa quod,LLC PR director
Yurika Hotta Material Inc. PR director
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