Product / ServiceNOBLE
CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design
Idea Creation OGILVY Bangkok, THAILAND
Production CHAMNI'S EYE Bangkok, THAILAND
Production 2 JDI CO Bangkok, THAILAND
Production 3 SOUND WAVE Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Nopadol Srikieatikajohn Ogilvy Group Thailand Co-Chairman
Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke Ogilvy Group Thailand Group Executive Creative Director
Gumpon Laksanajinda Ogilvy Group Thailand Creative Director
Visarnpong Chateakcharoen Ogilvy Group Thailand Art Director
Dowrai Khantigul Ogilvy Group Thailand Group Head Graphic Designer
Kris Spindler Ogilvy Group Thailand English Copywriter
Wasinee Khongsupamanon Ogilvy Group Thailand Junior Audio/Visual
Jiravara Virayavardhana Ogilvy Group Thailand Managing Director
Sasiwimon Kiattinai Ogilvy Group Thailand Communications Manager
Sasipa Mongolnavin Ogilvy Group Thailand Strategic Planning Director
Paramee Intarachumnum Ogilvy Group Thailand Strategic Planner
Kannika Mongkolrattanachart Ogilvy Group Thailand Project Manager
Wasin Siriamornsook Ogilvy Group Thailand Communication Manager
Wattanapong Wongwan JDI Co.,Ltd. Director
Parada Niyamapa JDI Co.,Ltd. Assistant Director
Krisanapol Somnuek JDI Co.,Ltd. Director of Photography
Witchanan Chittinan JDI Co.,Ltd. Producer
Kanokkarn Sukboonsong JDI Co.,Ltd. Production Manager
Vasu Pramukkul JDI Co.,Ltd. Art Director
Preecha Paipakwan JDI Co.,Ltd. Location Manager
Bheradol Amarin JDI Co.,Ltd. Editor / Animator
Nattawat Sritanyarat JDI Co.,Ltd. Editor / Animator
Wasinee Khongsupamanon JDI Co.,Ltd. Editor / Animator
Sound Wave Co., Ltd Sound Wave Co., Ltd Sound Engineer

The Campaign

To reinforce Noble’s ‘be different’ philosophy, we originated a project with a unique concept – “Reimagining Pet Habitats” through housing for exotic animals. Exotic animals are popular pets among people with a ‘different’ lifestyle – and perfectly match the characteristics of potential Noble customers, who are the rare species of customer who differentiates themselves by choosing bold habitat designs and locations.

Creative Execution

Exotic animals inhabit vastly different and unique ecosystems. We selected 5 exotic animal species and studied their environments in order to define the essence of their habitats. We then created custom animal houses based on Noble’s overall design philosophy: Minimalism, seamless integration and being boldly different. The principle design cues of the animal houses were translated from the 5 unique Noble projects. The results are 5 unique animal houses that are minimal, seamlessly integrated and boldly different – just like Noble’s philosophy. This is to emphasize that Noble has a deep understanding of the nature of their tenants’ as well as their pets’ habitats. The “Reimagining Pets Habitats” project was displayed at the Noble D Day sales event for 3 consecutive days from January 20th – 22nd, 2018. Tenants and potential customers had the option of purchasing an animal house of their interest.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

After the project launched, the Noble’s brand positioning and distinctiveness on ‘be different’ were strongly emphasized and rose dramatically. The project created an excitement within both Design and Real Estate community where Noble potential customers belong. All 5 Noble projects received 30% more visits on the grand opening day. 70% of the customers who buy a Noble’s property also purchase an exotic animal house.