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Name Company Position
Saurabh Varma Publicis Communications Chief Executive Officer
Rajdeepak Das Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer & Managing Director
Dheeraj Sinha Leo Burnett Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director
Sumeet Narang Bajaj Auto Vice President Marketing
Narayan Sundararaman Bajaj Auto Vice President
Soumya Das Bajaj Auto Deputy General Manager Marketing
Sanju Menon Leo Burnett Vice President
Rajiv Wadhwa Leo Burnett Vice President
Prajato Guha Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director
Sachin Kamble Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director
Vikrant Yadav Leo Burnett Senior Creative Director
Kevin Lobo Leo Burnett Senior Creative Director
Vivek Unnikrishnan Leo Burnett Copywriter
Deepak Jage Leo Burnett Art Director
Vikrant Wadkar Leo Burnett Art Director
Piyush Jaiswal Leo Burnett Copywriter
Anuj Abraham Leo Burnett Brand Services Associate
Dileep Dharampuri Leo Burnett Editor
Vandana Watsa Prodigious Films Executive Producer
Anup Das Prodigious Films Producer
Vikrant Yadav Prodigious Films Director
Kevin Lobo Prodigious Films Director
Soumendra Padhi Prodigious Films Director
Siddharth Sengupta Prodigious Films Director

The Campaign

A few citizens were fighting against all odds to solve these serious road-related problems but it required much more than just individual efforts. So to empower these individuals we redesigned Bajaj motorbikes into special units custom made to tackle road problems. Thus, the Invincible Indians Project was born.

Creative Execution

As part of the Invincible Indians Project, we researched the road-related problems of India and found out those that we thought could be addressed using our design and auto expertise. We also shortlisted individuals who were fighting against all odds to solve these problems. Repurposing the motorbikes- Working with a team of product designers and engineers we re-purposed the Bajaj V into India’s first ambulance on two wheels, a fire engine on two wheels and a mobile pothole leveller. The redesigned bikes were built after thorough study of these unique problems and also kept simple in terms of technology and design. This was done to make sure that these designs can be easily adopted by even ordinary citizens. Campaign- A short-form docu-series shone the spotlight on these unsung heroes and the customised bikes and inspired government bodies and even ordinary citizens to make their own special bikes.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Indians states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and many more adopted the designs of the bike ambulance to help patients residing in areas inaccessible to traditional ambulances. Many citizens too adopted these designs and made their own customized bikes, thus saving countless lives. Word of the Invincible Indians Project spread throughout the nation – generating 140 million impressions and the docu-series featuring these invincible heroes and their special bikes was seen over 15 million times. Even reaching the ears of the President of India, who conferred one of India’s highest civilian honor – the Padma Shri – to two of our Invincible Indians. The Invincible Indians Project not just saved countless lives but also brought the serious issue of road-related problems of India back to the forefront.


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