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CategoryF04. Innovation & Solution
Idea Creation TBWA\INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Production TBWA\INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Parixit Bhattacharya TBWA\India Managing Partner - Creative
Geet Rathi TBWA\India Creative Director
Parixit Bhattacharya TBWA India Managing Partner - Creative
Geet Rathi TBWA India Creative Director
Arshia Jain TBWA\India Sr. Copywriter
Sagar jadhav TBWA\India Creative Director
Geet Rathi TBWA India Creative Director
Sagar Jadhav TBWA India Creative Director
Priyanshi Khemka TBWA\India Designer
Sneha Iyer TBWA\India Designer
Ganesh Deherkar TBWA\India Designer
Chinmay Patil TBWA\India Illustrator
Apurva Desai TBWA\India Designer
Devdas Prajapati TBWA\India Animator
Chinmay Raut TBWA\India Creative Director
Abhijit Dube TBWA\India Executive Account Director
Apurva Desai TBWA India Designer
Varsha Sawant TBWA India Account Director

The Campaign

NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute and Asha Ek Hope Foundation (a non-profit) are world renowned organisations that support and treat people with motor neuron disease (MND) and other brain and spine injuries. There is a bigger battle than the fatal diseases for their patients. The simple act of communication. So they always felt a need for a simple, accessible and affordable method of communication for patients with an alert mind but a paralysed body. The eye language is specially conceptualised and designed for such patients, their families and caregivers to ease their difficulty in speech. This book will help patients all over the world and spread awareness about their challenges in the most simple form of communication. Blink to Speak is such a solution which is convenient and accessible for all. These guides are distributed to patients for free and is freeing every patient from the limits of paralysis.

Creative Execution

The key design elements in making the eye language guide are illustration of the eyes, choice of typography and meaning of colours. Paralytic patients require their caregivers to assist them in holding the book, so we kept the design easy to understand even from a distance. The design uses the principles of display design. A combination of warm and cool colours to emanate healing and hope. Warm Pink and Sea green have a calming effect to the eyes. Dark blue eases legibility of text. Typography is bold, with optimised kerning, designed for instructions. Self-explanatory instructions with crisp meanings. The hardbound book will help the caregiver to hold it easily in front of the patient. Each paper is also coated to prevent stains. Step 1 - alphabets of the eye language, the 8 simple eye movements, Step 2 - various combinations that were convenient for patients with any kind of paralysis.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

BlinkToSpeak is a pro-bono effort from Asha Ek Hope Foundation in creating awareness on ALS with a real world solution to solve speech difficulty. This led Asha Ek Hope Foundation for ALS hire around 150 trainers to train usage of eye language to patients, nurses and family. They have received a multitude of volunteer applications from around the world for propagation and translation. Pan-Asian Consortium for Treatment & Research in ALS invited them to present Blink To Speak at June 2018 inaugural conference. Reached 10000 patients associated with NeuroGen Hospital. Media publications like Times of India, Economic Times, others have covered features of this guide to spread awareness & existence of a solution to solve speech difficulty in paralysis patients. WorldALS Day, 6/21, 7000 books, 7 regional Indian languages were launched in an event by NeuroGen Hospital where 40 neurologists, speech therapists and physiotherapists were invited. 2500 downloads recorded online.


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