CategoryA01. Creation of a new Brand Identity


Name Company Position
Tosh Hall Jones Knowles Ritchie Global Executive Creative Director
James Bebbington Jones Knowles Ritchie Creative Director
Daniel Vasconcelos Jones Knowles Ritchie Creative Director
Katie Ewer Jones Knowles Ritchie Strategy Director
Betsy Biddle Bebbington Jones Knowles Ritchie Business Development Director
Alex Stewart Jones Knowles Ritchie Design Director
Christie Nelson Jones Knowles Ritchie Production Director
Corrine Ang Jones Knowles Ritchie Agency Producer
Tanja Crnogorac Jones Knowles Ritchie Brand Strategist
Iwan Sutanto Jones Knowles Ritchie Senior Designer
Luke Thompson Jones Knowles Ritchie Senior Designer
Chirs Stevens Jones Knowles Ritchie Senior Designer
Dominic Tan Jones Knowles Ritchie Designer
Amy Chua Jones Knowles Ritchie 3D Realisation Designer
Katie Osborn Jones Knowles Ritchie Account Manager
Casper Lee Jones Knowles Ritchie Visualiser
Russell Pearce Jones Knowles Ritchie Implementation Designer

The Campaign

Prudential identified three micro segments within the high net worth population in Singapore. All profiles shared one thing in common – a desire to transform their wealth into uniquely crafted legacies for future generations. For people who already have everything money can buy, originality, personalisation and experience are valuable currencies. Prudential therefore developed a proposition which encompassed a bespoke product suite, personalised service, and tailor-made privileges, events and experiences. We helped them bring the proposition to life, developing an entirely new insurance brand endorsed by Prudential, and built on the idea of ‘expertly curated futures’, and a name – Opus – derived from the Latin ‘magnum opus’, meaning ‘great work’ or ‘masterpiece’. To reflect the idea behind this tailor-made insurance product, we created a bespoke brand identity framework, with a hand-crafted alphabet composed of 26 unique letterforms.

Creative Execution

Opus by Prudential behaves more like a lifestyle, fashion or editorial brand rather than a financial institution. The photography style is editorial, un-posed and contemplative – a far cry from the staged family portraits that are so prevalent in the insurance category. Materials and finishes underscore the brand’s tone of understated luxury, with rose gold foil detailing, subtle debossing and carefully selected finishes creating a sense of quality in the hand. The identity system pivots on a hand-crafted alphabet, with each with a unique combination of strokes and lines, formed out of a grey and rose gold colour palette. Our intention was to create a tonality of considered elegance, slightly reminiscent of the strokes of monetary symbolism without being too literal. The alphabet is used to bring a personal touch to business cards and even bespoke jewellery, which is gifted to each new member joining the exclusive Opus club.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The launch has been very well received by customers and private wealth consultants. Prudential’s client acquisition and engagement events for the Opus brand have been oversubscribed. Since the launch, more Prudential financial consultants have shown an interest to be trained and become private wealth consultants and sell the Opus proposition. The company is on its way to achieving its internal sales target for the high net worth segment. “With Opus, we want to distinguish ourselves as a leading player in the wealth management space by offering our clients a premium customer experience comprising of bespoke solutions, personalised high-value services and tailor-made privileges. The Opus brand design captures the uniqueness of this offering and our focus on providing a clearly differentiated experience. The JKR team played a big role in shaping the proposition, creating a brand identity with depth, form and distinctiveness to meet our brief.” Harish Agarwal, Head of Marketing


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