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The Campaign

In the event of a tragic shark attack, often the surf fins are the only thing that are left intact. So, we re-contextualised the surf fin and turned it into a powerful and positive statement. FIN FOR A FIN is a specially marked surf fin that stops sharks from being killed in retaliation to an attack. The high-performance, hand-foiled fibreglass fins are intentionally designed to act as a visual signal that alerts authorities to a surfer’s wishes for the shark to be protected. They tell the world, “If my life’s taken, don’t take theirs.” Many surfers believe in the protection of sharks. By re-designing an essential product, FIN FOR A FIN easily integrates their conservationist beliefs with their passion. Profits are funding mobile shark alert service, Dorsal, and educating people on shark behaviour through charity, Tag For Life. Creating a cycle of coexistence. Not killing.

Creative Execution

Through talking with the surf community, we discovered surf fins must perform for both hard-core and casual surfers. With multiple manufacturing methods available, we selected fibreglass. This provides the optimal level of flex from the base of the fin, delivering power and thrust for high-performance manoeuvres. Made available in both 3-piece thruster sets and a classic longboard fin, the manufacturing process uses hand-foiled and heat-treated fibreglass sheets, layered to create a unique finish. The fins are then cut out using precise high-powered water jets and shaped by hand. The result is an all-round fin that performs in all conditions. And their aesthetic ensures their quality resonates with surfers. The two-colour combination of black and grey nods to the natural colour of sharks. Finally, and most importantly the FIN FOR A FIN marque is printed on the fins, turning them into a visual alert for authorities.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

FIN FOR A FIN has been embraced by surfers and shark conservationists alike. Shark killing is a divisive issue across the world. FIN FOR A FIN gives a voice to surfers who want to publicly declare their stance on the protection of the sharks, even in the wake of tragedy. And in doing so, is empowering them to fund a safer and healthier ocean. FIN FOR A FIN has already sparked a new and positive conversation, amplifying the voices of a niche demographic of surfers, who are also shark conservationists. With just 10K media spend the campaign has reached over 31 million people, generated $310K Earned Media and had over 5 Million video Views.


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