Product / ServicePRUCANCERX
CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design
Idea Creation BONSEY JADEN Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Production 2 FUSE ASIA Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Production 3 SPOT VFX Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Additional Company EVOLVE 3D Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Additional Company 2 FAB SPACE KL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Adam Chan Bonsey Jaden Regional Executive Creative Director
Abby Tai Bonsey Jaden Creative Group Head
Jeremy Ng Bonsey Jaden Creative Group Head
Audrey Lee Bonsey Jaden Copywriter
Jeremy Ng Bonsey Jaden Copywriter
Alicia Hew Bonsey Jaden Copywriter
Francisco Yung Bonsey Jaden Copywriter
Abby Tai Bonsey Jaden Art Director
Ilisa Azhar Bonsey Jaden Designer
Tsen Ying Ting Bonsey Jaden Designer
Praburajan Selvarajan Bonsey Jaden Chief Technology Officer
Joanne Ng Bonsey Jaden Senior Project Manager
Taryn Mook Bonsey Jaden Director of Strategy & Planning
Melantha Tan Bonsey Jaden Creative Strategist
Elya Eusoff Bonsey Jaden Regional Head of PR
Vivienne Liam Bonsey Jaden PR Manager
Eugenie Lim Bonsey Jaden PR Executive
Chin Han Yu Bonsey Jaden Regional Client Services Director
Zoe Chua Bonsey Jaden Senior Account Manager
Eugene Ng Bonsey Jaden Accounts Executive
Riza Johari Freelance A/V Producer
Naoto Mitake Directors Think Tank Film Director
Julian Oh Directors Think Tank Director of Photography
Pete Singh Directors Think Tank Executive Producer
Pat Singh Directors Think Tank Executive Producer
Gray Loi Directors Think Tank Producer
Dave Singh Directors Think Tank Editor
Daniel Posavac Bonsey Jaden Chief Executive Officer
Nic Robertson Bonsey Jaden Managing Director

The Campaign

We wanted millenials to see just how helpful superstition was in covering them in the event of cancer, i.e. not at all. So, we created a fictitious brand called ‘Unsuay’, that sells superstitions to our audience. (‘Unsuay’ translates to ‘anti-bad-luck’.) The brand offered three cancer-cancelling products; Touch Wood Wood, the Suay Slapper and the Choi Pin. These superstition-powered innovations made tangible our target audience’s instinctive reactions to negativity - so that they may realise for themselves that they have no power whatsoever against cancer. The truth is, superstition can’t cover you. After we flipped the script on them, we introduced PRUcancer X as the only thing that can cover them when they needed it most.

Creative Execution

The whole design carried a tongue-in-cheek tone, to draw people in. The Touch Wood Wood took on the shape of the multi-functional mobile phone - so as to highlight the dearth of functionality in its own design. All it did was ward off bad luck with a touch. And even so, the irony was that it couldn’t even do that one single-minded function. The Choi Pin was a way to amplify the go-to superstitious soundbite. And the Suay Slapper was a dramatisation of the act of slapping one’s mouth when saying something taboo. Each finger carried a mini hand on its tip to multiply the negativity-negating ability. The Unsuay brand was marketed via: - 3x Youtube bumper ads - 2x 60 second films, shown on Youtube and Facebook. - Spotify audio ad & companion banner - 3x GIF ads - 3x Carousel ads - Social media posts

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The design of the Touch Wood Wood, Choi Pin and Suay Slapper brought the unconventional parody approach of the campaign to life. Some Malaysians thought the campaign was a “creative way to sell insurance”. One even commented, “this is one of the best ads I’ve seen in Malaysia.” Our unconventional and risky approach in this campaign caught Malaysians’ attention. The Unsuay products received 80% positive sentiment on social media. We received numerous requests to buy the Unsuay products. The brilliant plot twists in the “making-of product” video clips captured the attention of Malaysians, peaking at 6.1 million views with a 70% completion rate. And when we revealed that Prudential was behind this campaign, we obtained an incredible 47% engagement rate with our social media ads. Our campaign has appeared in more than 10 publications within the first week of launch, securing approximately RM190,515 worth of earned PR value.

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