Product / ServiceGUINNESS
CategoryE02. Drinks
Idea Creation DESIGN BRIDGE Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Bambang Irawan Design Bridge Senior Designer
Christie Widjaja Design Bridge Designer
Denise Khi Design Bridge Senior Client Manager
Oli Rudd Design Bridge Design Director
Fenson Cheng Design Bridge Production Manager

The Campaign

We’ve taken inspiration from Guinness’ ‘Made of More’ quality and manifesto – A Malaysia of More. This anchored our intent in a brand that champions diversity and combining it with Malaysia’s rich and diverse mix of culture, tradition, language and extraordinary biodiversity. Our target consumers were primarily males from 29-32 of years considered as "Alphas in the know". Always proud of their origins and heritage, pioneering and stylish. They are entrepreneurial risk takers who realize his ambitions and goals in his own way. Effortlessly confident with his taste, authentic and comfortable expressing himself through the arts, design, music, as well as traditional crafts.

Creative Execution

#1– A combination of the traditional “Hak Gow Peh” (Guinness bulldog) which still resonates with consumers, traditional tribal patterns being re-interpreted in today’s modern tattoo culture, Malay batik being re-interpreted in today’s modern fashion world and hints of Malaysia’s rich language translating to “Black Dog Beer”. #2– Combining Malaysia’s majestic Hornbill that closely links to Guinness’s famous historical campaigns, traditional Peranakan tile motifs now re-interpreted in today’s interior spaces, traditional Bornean patterns being re-interpreted in the modern fashion world and hints of Malaysia’s rich language translating to “Black Dog Beer”. #3– Combining the legendary Malaysian sea turtle linking to famous historical campaigns, traditional art of henna still being practiced in today’s modern world, Tamil patterns bringing vibrancy and rhythm and hints of Malaysia’s rich language translating to “Black Dog Beer”. All 3 bottles rendered in a more urban street style with bright unexpected colour combinations to appeal to younger consumers.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Instilling a great sense of cultural pride and driving new news to the Guinness brand was a palpable outcome from this project and was well received with an added support. With most coming through Instagram, Facebook and blog sites. The project met and exceeded targets for sales with a 108% volume hit vs. target for refreshment channel.