Product / ServiceEYE-DROPS
CategoryF04. Innovation & Solution
EntrantADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation ADK Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Fumitaka Takano ADK Creative Director
Ryusuke Dohi ADK Planner
Hiroyuki Kubo ADK Art Director
Kie Aoyama Copywriter
Hirokazu Matsushige 1-10design Planner
Yuka Kamakura 1-10design Planner
Masayuki Tanaka ADK Account Executive
Daiji Yoshida Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Executive Producer
Ryosuke Sato Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Producer
Wakana Takashima Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Production Manager
Daisuke Yoshikawa Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Production Manager
Tatsuya Uemachi secca Product Designer
Yuichi Yanai secca Product Designer
Saitaro Kitaide secca Product Designer
Yasunobu Imanishi secca Product Designer
Naoko Obi Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Web Producer
Takamasa Wada INDIVIDUAL Web Front End Engineer
Tomohiko Ikebuchi MINT TOKYO Space Designer
Kenta Aoki MINT TOKYO Space Designer
Naohiro Tsukada STASH Photographer
Yu Ikeda Trenders PR Planner
Yui Yamaguch Trenders PR Planner

The Campaign

Field research was conducted to identify four areas from the world that seem to be most severe for the eyes. Eye-drops were developed to tackle the various issues, such as eye-drops for Japan that can be applied while pressing acupressure points, or eye-drops for Australia incorporating a vapor system for application facing down, without looking up to the sun. These and other unique eye drops were exhibited at an art gallery popular among young people.

Creative Execution

Artifact-like concept models were exhibited in the gallery, demonstrating how eye-drops can take on the challenges of extreme conditions often encountered in the four featured countries. For Japan: eye-drops that can be applied while pressing acupressure points. For Iceland: eye-drops with the defroster mechanism often used in cars. For Kazakhstan: eye-drops with gyroscope function allowing application wherever you stand. For Australia: vapor system eye-drops that can be applied facing down, without looking up to the sun. This exhibit featured innovative and unprecedented concept models in eye-care product development. ROHTO is currently proceeding with plans to take these concepts to the production stage.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Since the products were so eye-catching, many young people who go after new trends spread the news via SNS, leading to numerous online articles. Their reactions included realization that they were being tough on their eyes, and needed to be more careful. Some also commented that the exhibit changed their perception of the brand. It was a totally new approach to raising awareness toward the importance of eye-care among young people.


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