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CategoryB01. Publications & Brand Collateral
Idea Creation DESIGN BRIDGE Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Tim Siro Design Bridge Executive Creative Director
Oli Rudd Design Bridge Design Director
Denise Khi Design Bridge Senior Client Manager

The Campaign

Design Bridge decided to create a brandbook from the developed brand manifesto. This brandbook captured the honest weight of the distillery, its people, the "Industrialuxe" brand aesthetic, attitude and tone of voice. This was created to increase brand communication, effectively creating an easy-to-understand book. We made sure that the brandbook was tied back to the brand both aesthetically and in it’s copywriting. This ultimately also creates an immersive experience for the reader. The copywriting was written simply and made to feel personal, evoking the sentimental spirit of the distillery. The aesthetic was influenced by the distillery: Industrial letterpress-style typography complimented with photographs of Bundaberg’s people. A brandbook that introduces the brand clearly and visually, it is meant for anyone to learn and discover about Bundaberg’s brand.

Creative Execution

It was key to capture the spirit of the Bundaberg’s distillery. This was done through an emphasis on visual storytelling, particularly using the photography of the people and the surroundings of the Bundaberg’s distillery. Care was made to use photography that showed the inner workings of the distillery such as the iron-casting of the trademark bear. There was also an emphasis on showcasing textures such as a close-up of the brew of the rum. The photographs were shot by Melbourne-based photographer Mark Roper. To extend this capture of the Bundaberg’s spirit, the photography was complimented with industrial letterpress-style typography. Along with a brand new aesthetic of bold yellows, we re-ignited the manifesto of Bundaberg Rum. Our design of the Bundaberg’s Brandbook was extremely well-received and went into full circulation for all of Bundaberg’s creative partners.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The manifesto has become central to the Bundy Brandbook and the guiding tone of voice all creative partners. Though it was an initiative, this was well received and loved by the Diageo Australia and Bundaberg Distillery team and even decided to distribute this at the distillery. The refresh was a success and the results show an overall growth by 21%.