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CategoryA01. Creation of a new Brand Identity
Idea Creation DESIGN BRIDGE Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Tom Gilbert DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Creative Director
Pia Facundo DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Senior Client Manager
Tim Siro DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Executive Creative Director
Aaron Lim DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Senior 3D Designer
Toh Meng Lee DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA 3D Technical Design Director
Fenson Cheng DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Production Manager
Pamela Ng DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Junior Designer
Ong Jian'an DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Senior Visualiser
Jim Hare DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Digital Design Director
James Morgan DESIGN BRIDGE ASIA Film and Animation Designer, Realisation

The Campaign

The challenge was to create a brand that captured the variety offered at this development. Our approach was to think about Funan as a lifestyle brand, versus a branded shopping mall. ‘Singapore’s Creative Intersection’ was the ethos behind our design, drawing parallels between: LOCATION: Situated in Singapore’s most interesting intersections, where cultural, business, educational, recreational and historical zones overlap. BUILDING: The geometric architecture is formed by stacked blocks that intersect and align in visually interesting ways. This formed the basis of a strong visual language. PEOPLE: Our biggest target audience is Singapore’s creative community, hence the brand needed to evoke creativity and encourage people to collaborate in one place. This idea of connectivity in a place where thoughts and conversations would combine and intersect informed our ethos. We considered, designed and crafted every touchpoint to reflect the positioning of Singapore’s Creative Intersection – a dynamic place of passion and discovery.

Creative Execution

Wanting to build upon a nostalgic equity while retaining the technology link in the brand DNA, we kept the most memorable part of the name – Funan. Funan’s experiences are divided into key ‘passion clusters’. A bold pattern was created for each, helping consumers navigate the offers: TECH – grey flowing lines representing DNA. CRAFT – purple dots in a grid for precision. PLAY – yellow random “lego-like” blocks. FIT – blue pulsing heartbeats. CHIC – purple weaves for fashion textiles. TASTE – green scattered crumbs representing tastebuds. These identities reflect Funan’s innovative spirit. Created using the same grid, they can be recombined to evolve the identity along with the development. When passions unite in an event, the patterns can be layered to represent this intersection. Inspired by our ethos, the primary logo was created by intersecting geometric shapes. Overlaid within the intersection of each letter are our graphic patterns.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Underlying the simplicity of the Funan branding is a thorough and meticulous creative and crafting process with a strong story at its heart. Within a span of 6 months since the showsuite launch in 2017, 30% of Funan’s retail net letabble area had been pre-leased before the 2019 opening. Followers across social media platforms have also grown exponentially, with over 236,000 fans to date. The showsuite has played a strong role in building anticipation for the 2019 opening of the development. The visual identity system has informed everything from signages and wall features, to premiums and collateral and finally to the showsuite’s microsite. It has also become a powerful microcosm for the brand, as it continues to host fully-attended weekly events for the creative community.


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