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Andrea Barcaro Uniplan Shanghai Creative Director

The Campaign

Everything starts from our purpose ‘All for that moment’: it is the reason why we dedicate our energy and passion to work and are proud to be part of the Uniplan family. It is a promise: ‘All for that moment’ is about the value we create and how we deliver it. Uniplan offers two strengths, designed to work independently or together. These two strengths are called ‘Imagining’ and ‘Making’ – one, the creative process, strategy, ideation, and design, and the other implementation and building work including project and account management, engineering, production, and logistics. Our corporate design concept is built around the interaction of these two strengths creating a captivating tension between creativity and execution. This allows for flexibility and individuality, with many facets and the same strong personality. Patterns graphically enhance the layouts. Thin lines are used in the context of ‘Imagining’, thick lines stand for ’Making’.

Creative Execution

A face-lift of the logo was done carefully and with respect to its achievement. Ascenders and descenders were standardized. The ‘TM’ sign was removed, not only for reasons of reproducibility, but also because the brand Uniplan has transformed into a well-known brand. We decided for two new typefaces: Campton Book, a modern sans serif typeface with a geometric base. It reflects the brand tonalities of the new Uniplan Corporate Design, being emotional, dynamic, and confident. And Acta, a classic serif typeface, lively and delicate, with a conservative touch, perfect for a sophisticated editorial design. In headlines, Acta and Campton Book are used together, creating a captivating tension between emotionality and rationality, representing our two core strengths Imagining and Making. The new Uniplan red is a warmer one, giving the red a modern and bold appearance. A dark blue replaced the black and complements the Uniplan red with depth and tranquility.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The industry has been transforming with increasing demand for digital and content creation. Uniplan has sensed this transformation globally and made the move to reinvent itself to answer the needs of its clients and address the market evolution. Through the relaunch our corporate identity fully reflects our people, our services, and our work. The atomic corporate design has created a higher sense of ownership over our brand among Uniplan’s employees as it allows for subjective interpretation and flexible arrangement through the many different design elements. Our website is another milestone of our journey and something we are particularly proud of. The new Uniplan website has become a content hub, responsive and human-centric. Every section follows the purpose-driven approach of Uniplan’s agency culture. The site map has been reduced, while the navigation has become highly intuitive. Our rebranding was successfully implemented in all 9 offices worldwide.


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