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Name Company Position
Ben Cooper Tricky Jigsaw Managing Director
David Jackson M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Luke Simkins M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Michael Canning M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Ben Welsh M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Lauren Thompson Tricky Jigsaw Project Director
Josh Bryer Tricky Jigsaw Creative
Paul Coles M&C Saatchi Group Head
Karlee Weatherstone M&C Saatchi Group Account Director
Ross Dixon Tricky Jigsaw Executive Product Director
Jason Crane Tricky Jigsaw Customer Experience Lead
Ulrik Gotsche Tricky Jigsaw Customer Experience Strategist
Roger Calaf Tricky Jigsaw Product Engineer
Kevin Brown M&C Saatchi Head of Tech
Ben Patterson M&C Saatchi Product Engineer
Richard Sellies M&C Saatchi Digital Designer
Laura Stevenson M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director
John Marshall M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director
Justin Payne M&C Saatchi Account Manager
Jamie Watson M&C Saatchi Senior Strategist
Mick Perry M&C Saatchi Executive Producer
Josh Moore M&C Saatchi Filmographer
Lil Schroeder M&C Saatchi Senior Broadcast Producer
Olivia Reddy M&C Saatchi Producer
Lucinda Hayden M&C Saatchi Content Producer
Mitchell Brown Vert Design Industrial Design
Andrew Simpson Vert Design Industrial Design
Belinda Arundell NRMA Product Lead
Jane Merrick NRMA General Manager, Marketing
Karissa Fletcher NRMA Senior Manager, Brand

The Campaign

Firefighters are our best defence against bushfires in Australia, and help the country battle the 50,000 fires it suffers each year. They are extremely difficult to stop but speed and information are firefighters’ best weapon in managing their destruction. And that’s exactly what NRMA Fireblanket was built to do: detect early and communicate instantly. In our research into bushfires, we discovered that sight was the most common method of detecting fires. This is fine when fires are large and near, but many bushfires start off small, slow and at night. The truth is you can smell smoke before you see a fire, especially at night. NRMA Fireblanket was developed as an always-on bushfire monitoring and detection network. It uses calibrated dust particle sensor nodes (that talk to one-another) to smell, pinpoint, track but also predict where bushfires will spread.

Creative Execution

NRMA Fireblanket; a network of sensor ‘nodes’ that analyse the air for bushfire smoke and monitors live weather data. Placed on existing infrastructure, they form a blanket over at-risk communities. When smoke is detected, a fan kicks-in to ensure consistent airflow and an accurate reading. The nodes then communicate with one-another over the network to triangulate the source of the smoke. Authorities are alerted, whilst the modelling software – called SPARK – tracks and then predicts the course of the fire. On the outside the nodes are injection moulded polycarbonate which delivers heat-resistance plus it will self-extinguish. At the heart dust particle (PM2.5/10) and CO/CO2 sensors that are calibrated to distinguish a bushfire from a BBQ (bushfires consist of unique compounds due to the flora). Rather than relying on historical data to predict fire spread – NRMA Fireblanket offers a real-time view, providing firefighters critical information when it’s needed most.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Community: Over the last 12 months, NRMA Fireblanket has passed two milestones: - March 2017, The Australian Government's Scientific agency, CSIRO validated the prototype. - September 2017, Infield trials with the Rural Fire Service demonstrated Fireblanket could detect ?bushfires faster than current methods. Currently, NRMA Fireblanket is undergoing evaluation by councils and property developers with the aim to be protecting at-risk communities. Brand: NRMA Fireblanket was introduced to over 2 million NRMA Customers in January 2017. Since announcement, over 9.3 million Australians have engaged with NRMA Fireblanket. Since revealing, NRMA Fireblanket has successfully changed the insurance company's brand perception with its customers. NRMA experienced a 61% lift in brand awareness that NRMA is innovating to help protect communities. NRMA Fireblanket, helped NRMA Insurance shift from a remedy based business into a preventive one.


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