CategoryF04. Innovation & Solution
EntrantMATCH Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation MATCH Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Tomaz Mok MATCH Founder
Jeremy Guo MATCH Creative Partner
Kris Yang MATCH Art Director
Zoey Yao MATCH Art Director
Jiaqi Chen MATCH General Manager
Ketty Ye MATCH Account Director
Sun Tao MATCH Creative Partner

The Campaign

The cloud cream cone from Nivea The abundance of foam is the unique feature of this new product. We found that young ladies, no matter tall or short, slender or chubby, trendy or plain, all fell in love with one thing in the summer. – Icecream cones .Inspired by this, we created the world’s first icecream cone cleaning brush to engage with target audience. When a NIVEA CLOUD CLEANSING MOUSSE is put on this icecream cone cleaning brushes, the world’s first Cloud Cream Cone is born.

Creative Execution

Cloud cream cone pack is launched on the Tmall platform and retail store. We engage KOLs on social media and E-Commerce site to promote it. Engaged with Tmall, we created 5 cream cone pop-up stores in main cities to promote the experience, which attarct KOL's to check in and broadcast on social media again. these pop stores drive another burst traffic flow on line. Our campaign generated buzz and triggered a surge of interest in try-on among young lady fans from online to offline. For NIVEA, this is more than a regular promotional campaign for a new product, it created a noval and engaging facial cleansing experience.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Subtitle: A total of USD 0.3 million free instore display, 20.4% full-category sales growth, No. 1 market occupancy in the month, 30,000 participation, 900,000 traffic, 80M social media platform exposures This campaign has been rated by NIVEA as the Most Inspiring Project globally.