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Name Company Position
Ian Toombs Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Vivian Yong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Shaun Sundholm Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Follen See Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Art Director
Kim Liu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Art Director
Aier Xu \ Arlene Lu \ Liu Wei \ RunQ Zhang Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Copywriter
Moon Qi \ Wendy Yu \ Helen Yu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Bernice Wong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Content
Fang Yuan Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Producer
Angela Liu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Art Director
Leon Lin Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Planner
Jim Zhou Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Associate Account Director
Andrea Yang Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Senior Account Manager
Nicole Bee Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Project Management
Jane Gu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Junior Project Manager
Jessica Deng \ Kathy Zhan Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Business Affairs
Vic Zhang \ Stone Xue Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Production Manager
Changqing Lee Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Digital Imaging Artist
Austin Hu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai FA Artist

The Campaign

To show people that KFC is serious about coffee, we figured there’s no better spokesperson than the founder of the restaurant, Colonel Sanders. To KFC, the Colonel isn’t just the man on the logo, but the heart and soul of the brand. He is proud, hard-working, quality-obsessed and not afraid to try new things. Riding on the moment of KFC’s 30th anniversary in China, we reintroduced the KFC coffee as the newest venture of the Colonel, and he takes his coffee as seriously as his chicken.

Creative Execution

Coffee drinkers in China just can’t take coffee from a chicken restaurant seriously. We needed to prove that Colonel Sanders, the world's #1 fried chicken salesman put just as much care into his coffee as his chicken. So we gave the average coffee cup a makeover and turned it into “The Colonel’s Coffee Bucket,” and topped it off spectacularly with the “Chicken Drumstick Stir Stick.” Each cup was covered with crafted words of wisdom from The Colonel himself, educating coffee drinkers about the quality of his coffee. We called these “Colonel-isms,” turning his coffee cups into his very own promotional channel, elevating his coffee to a status symbol and inspiring his coffee drinkers to walk confidently down the street, Coffee Buckets in hand.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Over 1 million redesigned KFC coffee cups were distributed to stores across the nation, together with chicken-drumstick stirrers, in-store takeovers and impact OOH support. KFC’s coffee sales at the key stores increased by 300%.