Product / ServiceNIKON CAMERA
CategoryD01. Use of Digital Platforms
Media Placement SAPIENTRAZORFISH Seattle, USA

The Campaign

‘To sell a camera, we sold a country.’ To make the most watchable 360 films possible, we took every one of the camera’s attributes (ultra light, dust-proof, shockproof, waterproof, Ultra HD filming, etc) and matched them to a feature of New Zealand that would test it to its limits: an active volcano, the Antarctic ocean, the fierce elements, and we even got a ‘Kea’ (a native parrot) to steal one while the camera was running.

Creative Execution

Phase 1: 15s and 60s cut downs appeared in people’s newsfeeds. These led audiences to longer (2 min 30s vers) on The longer versions also used hotspots (added via a custom chrome viewer). Media: organic and paid: Facebook, youtube,, PR, and trade shows (VR). Phase 2: 2 months later, Nikon launched their campaign on mynikonlife and related sites using editorial, features, PR, and also and eDM to 90 000 members, plus Nikon Australia Youtube, and VR at POS.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Results for TNZ (Organic): +800 000 views on Facebook, reach of 4 million. Results for Nikon (Paid): Reach 3.5 million. The campaign is only just over 2 months old. Tourism New Zealand were very satisfied with the consumer engagement of their campaign. And Nikon had the cache of the Key Mission shooting TNZ's first ever global 360 campaign which was proudly badged "100% Pure New Zealand".

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

To promote the launch of Nikon's Key Mission 360 camera - a camera available at POS for around a mere AUS$800 - we took on the mission of selling one of the world's most amazing countries: New Zealand. If it was good enough for that task, and the footage was good enough for Tourism New Zealand to use in their first ever global 360 campaign, then we new the Key Mission good enough for people to take on their adventures.

Approach: if you could film NZ in all its ultra-testing conditions, you would prove you had a camera capable of delivering amazing footage. And a country capable of delivering amazing stories. Both providing amazing inspiration to visit New Zealand (with a key Mission) to see what you could do. Insights: ‘Photography as a special interest’ was identified by TNZ as a particularly fertile audience segment that would deliver visitors. Hence the partnership with Nikon. Target Audience/Relevance to Platform: the campaign allowed them to hone in on audiences for whom photography was a real passion. Using a new technology (360) that is almost native to to the Facebook platform also gave audiences a new way to engage with TNZ's campaigns. And we know from a year’s data gathering of 360 film-making that audiences engage with the footage, then come back and explore more.


Name Company Position
Mark D'Arcy Facebook Creative Shop Chief Creative Officer
Fergus O'Hare Facebook Creative Shop Regional Director Creative Shop, APAC
Andy Blood Facebook Creative Shop Creative Strategist
Louise Chapman Problem Child Strategist and Founder
Kelly Crick Tourism New Zealand Brand Manager
John Young Nikon Australia Marketing Manager
Jodi Redden Travel New Zealand Brand Manager
Jason Bentley Aurora VR Virtual Reality
Sigi Spath Sigi Spath Director
Paddy Compter Paddy Compter Producer
Nikki Walker Nikki Walker Producer
Vinnie Manoit Vinnie Manoit Director of Photography
Craig Rutherford Craig Rutherford CGI & VFX
Peter Ritchie Peter Ritchie Colourist
Brendan Dixon Brendan Dixon Drone Pilot
Tony Young Tony Young Drone Pilot
Fraser Clements Match Photographer
Matt Crawford Matt Crawford Photography Assistant
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