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CategoryF01. Integrated Campaign led by Promo & Activation
Media Placement TBWA\KOREA Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production BON GREY Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Additional Company THE BEAR COMPANY Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

The Campaign

We created The Good Library Project an audio book donation program for the visually impaired that does not require money but just your good voice. The main platform is the 3-day voice audition where visually impaired judges pick the right and good voices to be heard to be the next voice donors. Once the audio book is made we upload it on our digital library app and donate digital contents to schools and organizations for the visually impaired.

Creative Execution

1. Launch (1 month): A promotional film launched to introduce each year's theme and drive traffic to the online hub site. The site is integrated to ARS phone service so users can record their voice and experience how voice donation works and apply for the audition. 2. Audition (4-days): Auditions are held for 3 days at an offline venue. We invited visually impaired community to be the judges to choose "good voices." There are 3-steps to become finalist. One - Read an audio script in front of the judges. Two - if you pass you go on to record another audio script. Three - after the audition the audio files are judged by the judges and voice actors to pick the finalist. 3. Recording & Donation (1 month): Once all finalist record the audio book. All audio files are distributed to schools for visually impaired. Smartphone app is also available.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

This year's results: -5,307 Participants auditioned on and offline to record the <Job Encyclopedia> for Season 6 -Achieved more than 6M impressions online through YouTube, Instagram and mobile site -Recorded 897 job contents and donated to institutions for visually impaired children -Generated 380 news articles and 670 voluntary social media contents regarding the campaign -Introduced on major broadcasting news programs and documentaries -Awarded for 2017 25th People’s Choice Ad Award in South Korea -Celebrated 6th season in 2017, it is one of the longest CSR Campaign in Korea 6 Year results - Accumulated $33.7 Million PR Value - 4,896 1st tier media news coverage - + 290K On&Offline voice participants - Donated 6 Audio Books = 3,400 Audio Files - Re-made into 21,400 Audio and Braille books - Celebrated 6th season in 2017 - One of the longest CSR Campaign in Korea - Donated GPS Audio Tour Guide for the blind to Heritage Village in Seoul (Season 4) - Season 5 and 6 are used as educational text in schools - Most recognized visually impaired voice donation program - Introduced on major broadcasting news programs and documentaries - Awards: 2017 25th People’s Choice Ad Award, 2015 Silver Stevie Award for CSR in Asia, 2014 Smart App Award for Educational Content, 2013 Ministry of Health and Wealth’s SHARE Award, 2012 AD STARS Grand Prix for Effectiveness Category

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The Good Library Project celebrated the sixth season in 2017, making us one of longest CSR campaigns by a brand. Every year, it addresses the low representation of visually impaired in the workforce and lack of information and audio books provided for blind children by opening The Good Voice Audition. It's an audition where visually impaired judges select finalist with suitable voice to record audio books for donation. Unlike others who focuses on financial/material amount of the donation, the essence of our campaign is putting tangible value to customer participation (act of donating voice) and donating it to good cause.

Our target audience was anyone who wants to volunteer including children and people with other disabilities. We created Korea's first "Voice Audition" a 3-day event where participants auditioned in front of visually impaired judges and voice actors to be chosen to read audio books. Due to the broad target, we communicated across multiple channels including TV, digital media, OOH, PR, SNS to drive traffic to the online hub site where people can apply for the audition. We also partnered with Korea Blind Union (for 6 years), Seoul Volunteer Group, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Employment Information Service (under the Labor ministry) to use their platform to promote our campaign.


Name Company Position
Miran Kim Standard Chartered Bank Korea Head of Marketing
Kyoungsil Lee Standard Chartered Bank Korea Marketing
Sangho Kim TBWA Korea Executive Creative Director
Gilyoung Jang TBWA Korea Art Director
JongHwee Lim TBWA Korea Art Director
Jeongyeon Hyun TBWA Korea Art Director
Suebin Ji / TBWA Korea Art Director
Youmi Jung TBWA Korea Copywriter
Sunkook Kim TBWA Korea Copywriter
Sunny Lee TBWA Korea Account Manager
Minjeong Kim TBWA Korea Account Executive
Minsun Yu TBWA Korea Account Manager
Yeongju Noh TBWA Korea Account Executive /
Jooseok Oh TBWA Korea BTL Director
Changhee Nam TBWA Korea BTL Senior Manager
Jeeyoun Roh TBWA Korea BTL Project Manager
Taehee Lee TBWA Korea BTL Project Assistant
Hyuk Seo TBWA Korea Digital Planning Director
Gilwon Jang TBWA Korea Digital Planning Manager
Bonghoe Kim Bon Grey Producer
Sungdae Cho The BEAR Company Executive Director
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