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CategoryA10. Charities & Non-profit
Idea Creation OGILVY Bangkok, THAILAND
Media Placement ANY.I MEDIA CO. Bangkok, THAILAND
Production MEOUR Bangkok, THAILAND
Production 3 FATCAT VFX Bangkok, THAILAND

The Campaign

Artful Innovation To trigger appeal, we needed to connect with the audience with an evolving approach that makes the Siamese Fighting Fish relevant and engaging again. We wanted to remind the world of the fighting fish’s unique beauty by introducing an innovative way of projecting its gorgeous appearance. Inspired by the brilliant coloration, long and elegant flowing fins of the fighting fish, we utilized advanced creative technologies to transform the fighting fish into graphic artists. We captured and conveyed the dynamic movements of the fish, visualizing unpredictable yet astonishing art patterns in the form of both still images and animation.

Creative Execution

Utilizing techniques including “Motion Analysis”, “Pigment Extraction” and “Digital Trail Sculpture” allow long exposure to capture the vivid movements of the fish to produce aesthetic art patterns, graphic elements and VDO clips. The Asset In collaboration with Shutterstock, the art patterns will be available for download, each image detailing the story of the storied fighting fish breed. A percentage of downloaded purchases will be donated to the Gallery. The Exhibition To spark public interest in the fighting fish, an art exhibition was held, where people can be inspired by the varieties of the fighting fish, each breed sporting unique captivating colors and patterns. Implementing designs To increase tangibility, the patterns inspired celebrated artists and designers to join the campaign and implement their own visions for the design, from clothes, purses, handbags, and scarfs to home decoration, including stationary and gadget product designs.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Reigniting Interest The campaign drove more than 5 million impressions and over 50,000 engagements about the pictures from Shutterstock. Many people talked about the pictures from Shutterstock, leading them to discover the real product. We also gain free Earned Media with more than 103,817 USD. After the exhibition, there were 12 collaboration projects with designers across different fields in producing lifestyle products available for sale as limited edition collections. Visits to the Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery smashed all records, with an 800% increase from the previous year. Most importantly, download purchases from Shutterstock helped fund the continued operation of the Gallery, assuring that this priceless cultural treasure is passed onto future generations.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

“Art of the Siamese Fighting Fish” demonstrates how tradition and innovation can come together beautifully to amplify the key message. To preserve the legacy about the unique Fighting Fish species, its beautiful nature was brought to life by innovative art and translated into everyday lifestyle objects, giving its knowledge and aesthetic enduring relevance.

Bridging the Past and Present Our primary target was the local younger generation who lost touch with the fighting fish’ heritage and tourists as our secondary target who has not been exposed to the beauty of the fighting fish species. As such, our strategic approach must deliver on the campaign’s key objective: to revamp the significance of the Gallery – to come back with a bigger voice that sparks conversations and amplifies interests. The obvious vehicle that is accessible and appealing to all was is, but it had to be delivered in an innovative way that is relatable to our target audience. Our approach was to portray the legacy of the fighting fish from traditional roots into modern design expressions relevant to the new urban lifestyle. The ultimate goal was to bridge the past and present, and to take this iconic gem of Thai culture into the future.


Name Company Position
Nopadol Srikieatikajohn Ogilvy Group Thailand Vice Chairman
Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke Ogilvy Group Thailand Group Executive Creative Director
Puripong Limwanatipong Ogilvy Group Thailand Creative Director
Napas Warasestasak Ogilvy Group Thailand Project Manager
Thanawat Chongmahakul Ogilvy Group Thailand Creative Director
Kris Garford Spindler Ogilvy Group Thailand Copywriter
Varunorn Suphannanont Ogilvy Group Thailand Communications Director
Wasin Siriamornsook Ogilvy Group Thailand Senior Communications Executive
Warun Siriprachai Ogilvy Group Thailand Digital Planner
Maytinee Jaranphairee Ogilvy Group Thailand Group Head, Graphic Design
Bonita Pui Yang Wu Ogilvy Group Thailand Senior Strategist
Teewin Varapaskul MeOur Production Director
Thanaporn Phiansomphol MeOur Production Producer
Setthawut Samathimongkol MeOur Production Director Of Photography
Peeradol Amarin MeOur Production Editor
Shinpanu Athichadhanabadee Trimodestudio Co., Ltd. Design Director
Paradis Senivongse na Ayudhya Trimodestudio Co., Ltd. Design Director
Ajima Kaewkatakasiri Trimodestudio Co., Ltd. Project Manager
Lapiz Athichadhanabadee Trimodestudio Co., Ltd. Product Manager
Sasivimol Pornpatimakorn Trimodestudio Co., Ltd. Interior Designer
Benchawan Ngamjiradawong Trimodestudio Co., Ltd. FF&E and Stylish
Ratchanee Sanchan Trimodestudio Co., Ltd. Graphic Designer
Chalit Krailerdmongkon Fatcat VFX Co., Ltd. Lead VFX Artist
Punyanet Tanaprapass Fatcat VFX Co., Ltd. VFX Producer
Wittawat Kamsan Fatcat VFX Co., Ltd. Compositor
Trin Uppatham Fatcat VFX Co., Ltd. Compositor
Mas Chitrachinda Fatcat VFX Co., Ltd. Compositor
Chanin Phengklay Fatcat VFX Co., Ltd. Senior 3D Generalist
Patchara Tantrapornpong Fatcat VFX Co., Ltd. Senior Dynamic Artist
Navaratana Donkort Bob Eye View Studio Director Of Photography
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