Product / Service$20 FOR 20GB DATA ADD-ON
CategoryC01. Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts


Name Company Position
Jason Ho Supermarket Creatives Business Director
Rudino Kassim Supermarket Creatives Creative Director
Michelle Heng Supermarket Creatives Account Manager

The Campaign

Online conversations revealed how unhappy Singaporeans were with their current telcos and data plans. To interact with the consumers, we brought their online complaints to life through a vandalism stunt. The big idea was to shout and represent consumers' grievances to show they weren't alone. Once triggered, we roused their demand for more mobile data. After sparking a cry for more mobile data, we would launch Circles.Life 20/20 as the mobile data hero. To spark all this, all it took was to introduce a fake 4th telco and a controversial stunt. And the outcry began...

Creative Execution

Teaser: As a shame campaign, SGMobile’s ads ran pre-vandalized. 3 days after, social media personalities vandalized the print ads. Singapore is notorious for strict laws against vandalism. So we seeded the vandalism footages online, to fuel the curiosity of the public. SGMobile’s lacklustre offerings and the sabotaged ads provoked consumers to reflect on how poor their data coverage was. Launch: Riding on the heat surrounding SGMobile’s entry, all SGMobile ads were transformed into 20/20 ads. Circles.Life 20/20 launched island-wide overnight. First wave of 20/20 launch lasted 2 months. Digital media: ran ads on Facebook, Youtube and Google Search for 8 weeks. OOH: Billboards, Wall posters in MRT stations and buses for 8 weeks. Print publications: ran ads on Straits Times for 2 days.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Business Impact: Circles.Life aimed to get increased brand visibility and more conversions. After 20/20’s successful launch, brand awareness for Circles.Life spiked at an all time high, reaching 50% of Singapore’s population. Sales growth rate increased by 950% within 2 months of the launch. Response rate: The site experienced a 214% increase in new site visitors. There was a 176% increase in logins from registered users. Impressions: The campaign generated 75 pieces of coverage across broadcast, print, online, and social media. In total, PR coverage spanned reached more than 8.8billion in circulation numbers. Consumer Impact: Our campaign drove a change from passive mindset to active mobile data demand. It drove youths to question their acceptance of data plans and telco offerings. We intercepted placid reception towards the big 3 telcos. Industry Impact: Months after 20/20's launch, the big 3 telcos responded by offering similar plans as 20/20's.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The campaign was built around a conversation between consumers and the brand, Circles.Life, a new telco. Consumers were unhappy with current mobile data offerings, and Circles.Life heard their grievances and stepped in. With the campaign teaser, the brand generated online buzz and demand for mobile data. Through a vandalism stunt and guerilla tactics, the campaign drove online conversations and frustrations for more mobile data. For the launch, Circles.Life responded as an actual answer to their demands. Thus, the conversation between consumers and the brand was brought to life at every touchpoint of the campaign.

TA: We targeted youths as mobile data was a big necessity to them. Furthermore, they had more legroom to switch telcos. Hitting their online and social media platforms, we drove online conversations to get them to express their frustration with the Big 3 and desire for more mobile data. Approach: To make headlines and create buzz, we introduced a fake 4th telco, SGMobile, in the teaser phase. Mimicking the offerings of existing telcos, we subtlely mocked the big 3 telcos by getting consumers to question their poor data coverage. The fake telco triggered realization in consumers to demand more mobile data. After getting the press and public abuzz and questioning their data coverage, we launched Circles.Life 20/20 as the solution to data woes. 20/20 was launched as a response to consumer's demand for more mobile data. As a brand, Circles.Life listened to consumers grievances and answered them.