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Idea Creation McCANN INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
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Name Company Position
Prasoon Joshi McCann Worldgroup Chief Creative Officer
Prateek Bhardwaj McCann Worldgroup National Creative Director
Kapil Batra McCann Worldgroup India Executive Creative Director
Rohit Devgun McCann Worldgroup India Executive Creative Director
Utsav Khare McCann Worldgroup, India Creative Director
Gourav Verma McCann Worldgroup, India Art Director
Gaurav Sharma McCann Worldgroup, India Copywriter
Arpan Kalita McCann Worldgroup, India Designer
Jeet Kalra McCann Worldgroup India Agency Producer
Satish Kataria McCann Worldgroup, India Editor
Saurabh Kabra Collective-Art Director

The Campaign

Shopkeepers citing lack of change and handing candies to customers is a very common sight in India. This insight gave birth to our creative idea. To tackle this problem of forced candies, we launched another candy - 'Paytm Sweet Change'. Like normal candies, shopkeepers handed 'Paytm Sweet Change' candy instead of change. But unlike the usual candies that meant losses for the customers, our candies could be redeemed for their real worth. By downloading the Paytm app and entering the code at the back of the candy wrapper in the app.

Creative Execution

Paytm is the most widely accepted e-wallet for day-to-day transactions and yet people don't use it. With launching the Paytm Sweet Change candy, we give them an incentive to download the app and also realize that they can simple use it to avoid the whole situation of getting change and the lack of it. Shopkeepers were asked to stock and give the Paytm Sweet Change candy instead of change and other candies. They gave them out as per the change they owed to each customer. The activity was carried out over a period of one month. The candy was placed at various customer touch points where day-to-day transactions take place.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

1 million app downloads. 36% downloads remained active users. Cost of acquisition was brought down to Rs 12 from Rs 60.(five times)

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

India is a cash economy. That's why there's always the problem of change. So shopkeepers have come up with another currency - candy. Every time shopkeepers tender candies instead of change, customers end up losing one, two, five or even ten bucks in a go. Obviously this leaves the customers unhappy. Paytm, an Indian e-wallet brand, decided to tackle the problem of candies by launching another candy - 'Paytm Sweet Change'. But unlike other candies, customers could redeem this for its actual worth. Over 1 million apps were activated during this month long promotional activity.

We targeted customers who were paying in cash for their day to day transactions but could graduate to Paytm, if given a reason. And 'Paytm Sweet Change' candy became one. To redeem the candy's real worth the customer had to download the Paytm app. We were confident once they used Paytm, they will discover its ease and advantages over cash.