CategoryC05. Customer Retail / In-Store Experience

The Campaign

"REDEFINE THE CONTEXT OF WINTER Breakthrough local weather limitations and disrupt market conventions" "The short window of winter in Hong Kong created a huge challenge to promote winter apparel in November. • Many brands go for a conventional way of store display to induce awareness and interest. They communicate with visuals and videos of winter scenarios to get across the message of keeping you warm. • But before the weather gets cold, it seems irrelevant to bring this message across and it is hard for people to actually experience the product’s benefits. As such, getting prospective customers to try on winter jackets in-store is even more difficult. So what was the creative solution to this problem? CREATIVE SOLUTION: Bring in winter when it’s still warm with a" ""60-Second Winter", changing a regular fitting room into 4D VR snow run experience with weather and" "audio effects."

Creative Execution

"CREATING A SPECTACLE: ADIDAS’S FIRST EXPERIENTIAL FITTING ROOM • We created a unique adidas" "Climaheat VR fitting room at the Hong Kong adidas Sport Performance Flagship store. GAMIFYING THE" "IN-STORE EXPERIENCE AND CUSTOMER JOURNEY: • In the context of cold weather, we challenged the" "players with a 1-min running game in our Climaheat jackets, where they could experience the benefits of the product. To make it more personalized, players took photos of themselves, which gave them a personalised avatar in the game. • Within the game, players had to run fast enough to avoid being hit by a huge snowball and gained" "higher scores • Players with high scores were rewarded with different instant incentives based on their scores once" "they’d finished the game. The in-game experiences were recorded as branded videos and sent to players."

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

"BRINGING THE WINTER WORKOUT EXPERIENCE TO CUSTOMERS REALLY PAID OFF. The adidas" "Climaheat VR fitting room brought tremendous success on two levels: Engagement level 12 participants per hour on average when Snow Run was open in-store. 840 gift redemptions were made. Sales level Players were driven to purchase the product in store instantly, leading to significant sales growth: 44% increase in sales of Climaheat jacket in stores overall compared with the pre-campaign period. 42% increase in overall Climaheat jacket sales VS. 2015, exceeding our target of 20% YOY growth. 11% sales conversion rate for players who experienced the product and shared their game-play on social media. The Climaheat Snow Run VR game embraced the adidas" "spirit of creativity and set new rules for winter retail marketing for adidas, delivering hard results that made an" "impact on the bottomline."

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

"The VR fitting room experience, 60-Second Winter, was designed to promote and activate adidas's Climaheat" "jacket in the warm months of winter before the temperatures dropped. The campaign was designed to drive people" "to test the jacket in-store and lead to purchase."

"TARGET AUDIENCE Young generations aged 14- 29, who are outdoor exercise lovers and passionate about" "sports even in the cold weather. They seek functional, quality products that can keep them warm. WE CREATED A CLIMATE-CONTROLLED VR FITTING ROOM GAME THAT LETS CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE THE CLIMAHEAT JACKET IN BRUTAL WINTER CONDITIONS TO CHANGE THE RULES OF WINTER RETAIL" "MARKETING."


Name Company Position
Calvin Chow TBWA Hong Kong Creative Director
Louis Fung TBWA Hong Kong Creative Director
Vanis Ng TBWA Hong Kong Art Director
Liam Chan TBWA Hong Kong Art Director
Jan Lee TBWA Hong Kong Account Director
Pauline Wong TBWA Hong Kong Business Director