CategoryB04. Business Citizenship / Corporate Responsibility & Environmental
Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production AOI PRO. INC. Osaki, Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 AID-DCC Osaka, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tetsushi Kawachi Hakuhodo Inc Creative Director
Toshiyuki Fujitsuka Hakuhodo Inc Creative
Taishi Sagara Hakuhodo Inc Account Exective
Yutaro Tomiku Hakuhodo Inc Account Executive
Saori Kikuchihara Hakuhodo Inc Account Executive
Hisaya Kato AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Go Ito AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Masahito Miyashita AOI Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Hidehisa Kitaoka Freelance Director
Shinji Nakata Freelance DOP
Norihisa Kofune Freelance Lighting
Tsuyoshi Takahashi Freelance Stylist
Manami Umehara Freelance Hair Make
Nau Sato Freelance Music
Daishoku Zen WAX Inc. Location coordinator
Hayato Kai Stud Co., Ltd. Editer
Yuichi Miyata Dadabi Inc. Editer
Hiroaki Shikishi Dadabi Inc. Editer
Murakami Tetsu GAMBIT Co.,Ltd Casting
Amari Kayo GAMBIT Co.,Ltd Casting
Yusuke Yamanaka AID-DCC Inc. Producer
Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki AID-DCC Inc. Interactive Director
Takanobu Noso AID-DCC Inc. Technical Director
Masashi Ohashi AID-DCC Inc. Programmer
Yoshinobu Ashikawa AID-DCC Inc. Programmer
Kiki hasegawa Freelance Programmer
Hirofumi Nakagawa ANDMADE Inc Designer
Naomi Sawada Freelance Designer

The Campaign

Japan’s Biggest Cyber Emergency Drill. LINE produced an experiential video? which showed user’s and his/her friend’s real account information on a screen. The user was challenged to face a criminal trying to take over his/her real LINE account by falsely using his/her friend’s account. If the user revealed his/her PIN to the criminal, his/her account was hacked in the video. The idea was to give the LINE users the real experience of how their account can be easily hacked.


JAVASCRIPT and LINE data were combined to dynamically generate a video. ?User’s and his/her friend’s names and profile photos were shown in the video. ?Vibration during the video. ?Screen images were switched by gyrosensor. ?Images were determined by whether the user tapped the screen at some point in the video.? The video’s story was changed by a tap on a smartphone screen - a creative direction not used by regular video ad creatives. The intent was to personalize the video in order to give the real experience to the LINE users.

More than 7.3 million views in 2 weeks after the video went live. The video was shared 2.27+ million times by many LINE users who appreciated the video’s objective and reality. Thanks to LINE’s combined disaster prevention training initiatives, the number of report notifying account hacking reduced to 1/40 in just 10 days. LINE Cyber Emergency Drill played a key role in reducing the number of LINE account hacking.

The Situation

We make “The Fact” that dreamed or thought of getting “deceived or fooled”. By expanding the base on that fact, we solved the social problem called social account hacking. The experiential video is dynamically generated by using LINE user’s real account information, and uses user’s and his/her friend’s name and profile photo. By featuring the user’s real information in the video, LINE successfully engaged its users and convinced them that their account can be easily hacked by cyber criminals unless they are equipped with the right knowledge.

The Strategy

Give Users the Real Experience. LINE took advantage of an insight - if people are deceived once, they will not be deceived the second time a criminal tries the same trick. Being Japan’s biggest social networking platform with 68 million users, LINE offered a realistic account hacking experience to users who never dreamed or thought of getting “deceived or fooled”. The Drill was intended to educate LINE users on how their account can be easily hacked, and to get them prepared to protect their account when they face a risk of account hacking.


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