Product / ServiceNETEASE NEWS
CategoryE01. Integrated Campaign led by PR
Idea Creation ARKR DIGITAL Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement ARKR DIGITAL Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Allen ZHANG arkr GROUP IP Innovation Head
Stan XU arkr GROUP Creative Director
Spark WU arkr GROUP Senior Copy

The Campaign

Instead creating one campaign, we created an icon that acts as a long term brand assets for Netease News - The first News category super IP : Virtual Editor-In-Chief Wang San San Wang San San was not just an icon, instead he acted as a sharp tongue journalist who lived in the real world. The Grass Mud Horse in Chinese has the same pronunciation as WTF in English, which was symbolic to the brands’ conviction to challenge news conventions. Under Wang San San, we helped Netease to create four activations, each one took an innovative approach to challenge news conventions.


Four activation were launched under the virtual editor-in-chief Wang San San. One: Protect my rights to winter underpants A Co-created underpants products with a series of “animated fashion posters” conveyed the message “Stay warm in winter to reassure your parents” Two:Smog Fairytale A special Netease news version immersed fairytale style writing into pollution news as an effort to inspire youth sustain their childlike positivity against the worsening environment. Three: April Fool’s Park A co-created activation inviting top social influencers to host “foolish” activity in cities across China. Four: Animated Time travel lover A H5 interactive integrated Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response technology with top voice cover talents to create a sensorial and sexy news reading experience.  

23.3% of Netease users became youth under 25 years old, the most percentage of users of this age amongst all news applications. Activations totaled 110 Million impressions with 2.9 Million participations. DAU/MAU of Netease both became category number one.

The Situation

Under one icon - Netease News Virtual Editor-in-Chief Wang San San, four activations were launched, each activation leverage a cultural hot topic. In addition, each activation also took a different approach to social marketing. We created products, invited social key opinion leaders, invited top Japanese voice cover talents. These tactics were proven to be effective in driving social buzz and consumer attention for Netease news.

The Strategy

After investigating youth, we learnt that youth today are not attracted by news, rather, they are attracted by personalities, which is the reason for their love for social key opinions leaders. With this discovery, we realized Netease needed a face, a vibrant personality with the ability to gather followership, a voice that can start a two-way conversation with young readers. Thus, together with Netease created the first news super IP – Virtual editor-in-chief Wang San San.