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Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement 2 MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TYO DRIVE Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 PEN. Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company LEHMAN AD Chiba, JAPAN
Additional Company 2 MAP London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 3 OGLE MODELS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 4 DENTSU ON DEMAND GRAPHIC Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 5 TYO CREATIVE CENTER Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Morihiro Harano Mori Inc. Creative Director
Yoshihiro Yagi DENTSU INC. Art Director
Haruko Tsutsui DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Scott Lehman Lehman Ad Copywriter
Misato Tachibana Mori Inc. Agency Producer
Yuta Harasawa TYO drive Producer
Kanae Harada TYO drive Production Manager
Jon Marshall Map Project Office Design Director
Scott Barwick Map Project Office Vehicle Conception and Design
Will Howe Map Project Office Vehicle Conception and Design
Jacky Chung Map Project Office Vehicle Conception and Design
Paul Wolfson Map Project Office Vehicle Conception and Design
Satoshi Isono Universal Design Studio Vehicle Conception and Design
Sasha Leong Map Project Office Vehicle Conception and Design
Ogle Models Ogle Models Vehicle Model-making
Petr Krejčí Freelance Film Director
Shelley Lee Davies Freelance Film Creative Producer
Daisuke Hatakeyama Creative Power Unit Designer
Taiji Kimura PEN.Inc. Designer
Anna Saito DENTSU INC. Designer
Naomi Okamura DENTSU INC. Designer
Satoshi Kohno DENTSU INC. Designer
Takanori Ikemoto Creative Power Unit Production copywriter
Shinya Tamura Dentsu On Demand Graphic Inc. Printing Director
Masato Goto TYO Creative Center Director
Kazuhiro Yamamoto SPONGE Director
Satoshi Yoshitake cubesato Music
Yusuke Kitani Kaibutsu Web Designers
Komei Sato Kaibutsu Web Designers
Atsushi Hashimoto Kaibutsu Web Designers

The Campaign

The Honda Great Journey project explores the far-reaching potential of autonomous driving technology. It visualizes an overland trip from Africa to South America—the route of humanity's most ancient migration—in seven scale-model concept vehicles, each designed for a specific type of terrain. By revealing the benefits of autonomous driving beyond simple efficiency and safety, it offers a new vision of travel enjoyment and human mobility for the future.


- Product Design: examined the route of humanity's most ancient and longest migration scientifically and extracted Honda’s technology and design DNA, then designed 7 concept vehicles. - Film: created the film with stop motion to introduce the concept and the vehicles. - Strategic PR: prior to the launch, contacted the journalist who would be interested in the theme of autonomous driving and released the information exclusively. - Website: accompanied by the release of the article, we launched the website with more detailed information and images. - Event: held an event to introduce the campaign and released a series of posters, book and motion graphic movie. - Poster: posters and flyers were released at the event explaining the project. - Book: designed the book showcasing 215 original travel stickers to present the journey over 36,000 km. - Event Movie (motion graphics): created with the travel stickers and the original sound track.

- Featured in major design and technology media in 8 countries - Mentioned by 48 opinion leaders - Total online coverage 136,723,050

The Situation

This is the world’s first campaign to apply Speculative Design into an advertising campaign. Though Speculative Design often presents a dystopia, this campaign showcases a new utopia brought by autonomous technology. With this approach, the campaign aims to expand the Honda’s great vision, The Power of Dreams, as well as the future possibility of car category itself. By combining scientific and geographical researches and Honda’s DNA, we came up with 7 concept vehicles that is not only beautiful in shape but also enough comfortable to stay there. They are released through non-paid PR activities with the integrated design materials.

The Strategy

- In order to outperform other automobile-related articles in the media, we focused on the theme: autonomous driving vehicles. - We have presented a new point of view: autonomous driving vehicles as NOT a ‘solution’ but as a ‘means to realize new dream of humanity’. - Based on the insight: humans are mobile by instinct, we explored not only the possibility of transportation, but the future vision of living environment that will be brought by the autonomous driving technology. - We selected the route of humanity's most ancient and longest migration, The Great Migration as the hypothetical travel route to present the possibility of long-distance travel that may will become possible by the autonomous driving.


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