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Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production J.C. SPARK Tokyo, JAPAN
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Name Company Position
Akira Suzuki DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Yusuke Koyanagi DENTSU INC. Art Director
Kenta Isobe DENTSU INC. Copy Writer
Marina Danjo DENTSU INC. Copy Writer
Hiromi Uzaki DENTSU INC. Art Director
Kohei Nagoya DENTSU INC. Planner
Mizuki Masuda DENTSU INC. Media Planner
Utau Shu DENTSU INC. Media Planner
Hirofumi Kikui DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Masao Okada DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Mako Nakamura DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Nori Kobayashi DENTSU INC. PR Coordinator
Yuji Kobayashi/Hironobu Naganuma CCC Media House Co., Ltd Media Producer
Wataru Sakamoto/Takumi Saito J.C.SPARK Designer
chamooi Freelance Illustrator
Naoya Fujikawa YOKOHAMA SUPER FCTORY Photographer
Yurika Matsuno YOKOHAMA SUPER FCTORY Photo Producer
Teppei Ohno TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Producer
Motoki Oishi/Yuichiro Kon TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Production Manager
Takeshi Izumida/Shuji Daito TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Director
Asami Takahiro Freelance Cinematographer
Aya Hiraga TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Editor
Kanako Kawase/Akari Tatsumi TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Mixer
Keita Nagahara e-Spirit Casting
Yasuhiro Saito/Laurier Tienan Freelance Narrator
Akemi Sakurai/Yuichi Hidaka Dentsu Public Relations Inc. PR Director
Yohei Nemoto/Koichi Maeda/Hibiki Sekiguchi Dentsu Public Relations Inc. PR Planner
Takashi Goto/Taiki Yoshioka KYODO PUBLIC RELATIONS CO., LTD. PR Planner
Miyako Yusa/Yuki Yoshimura FIRE BUG Inc. PR Coordinator
Shun Kikuchi/Kiyohito Toyama DIGITAL Hearts Co., Ltd. Producer
Satoshi Kuno CLIVER inc. Producer
Hiroshi Mikami Salvo Inc. Web Director
Fumihito Uekusa Salvo Inc. Technical Director
Natsue Kokubo Salvo inc. Web Designer
Syunmu Ikeyama Salvo inc. Technical Engineer

The Campaign

We opened a new political institution "SIMCITY BUILDIT SCHOOL OF POLITICS" which enables studying politics using SimCity as a teaching material for 2 months from 6/26 to 8/23. In the lecture, SimCity which is known as town development sandbox game was utilized as simulation software. By simulating policies in topics such as news in the game, we discussed the pros and cons of that policy. In addition, as a lecturer, top talent with knowledge such as former governor, university professor, journalist, businessman, etc. gathered. Students gained opportunity of first-class education while using games as teaching materials. Also, to learn more deeply, current issues related to Japan (shortage of nursery school problems, pollution problems of Tsukiji fish market etc) were added as in-game elements. Additionally, by publishing original textbooks supervised by lecturers and delivering lectures online, we provided opportunities for people in Japan to learn this special lesson.


We announced SIMCITY BUILDIT SCHOOL OF POLITICS from June 26 and called for entries through WEB video and outdoor advertisement. In addition, we held an opening event of political cram school. In addition, boosting the topic by developing a PR promotion in accordance with the timing of Tokyo parliamentary elections, acquiring media exposure exceeding 280+ including feature articles at Newsweek. Political institution was open for 2 months from 6/26 to 8/23. Developing lectures with high noticeable attention in Japan, "Correlation between policies and citizens' satisfaction", "Balance of functions and culture of cities", "How future local autonomy should be". At the end of the lecture, each student performed the present idea of city development and policy in the SimCity game in response to the contents of the day, and presented the presentation.

Through a series of campaigns, wonderful results were led. · SIMCITY BUILDIT download number is + 50.1% after campaign. · The number of accesses of SIMCITY BUILDIT brand site is + 667.3%. · 280 + media exposure including feature articles at Newsweek. · Acquired 170 M + media impressions. · Favorable commentaries gathered from authoritative media such as "super-class teachers" (Newsweek) "future politicians come from here" (CNET). As a result, we succeeded in raising young people's interest in politics. Succeeded to show clues to solving new problems as a game to the problem of political separation. The voting rate of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly elections after the campaign was + 17.9%, the vote before the date was + 56.8%, renewing a record high. We succeeded in placing a part of interest in politics through SIMCITY BUILDIT SCHOOL OF POLITICS.

The Situation

SIMCITY BUILDIT SCHOOL OF POLITICS is an inventive political institute that enables learning politics using SIMCITY as a teaching material and fosters future politicians. This successful initiative tackled the declining interest in politics among the youngsters. The project gained 280+ media exposure, 170M+ media impression, and became a huge topic. As a result, the website visits increased + 667.3%, the number of downloads of the game increased + 50.1%. This work produced an unprecedented business impact, as well as social impact through initiatives & news-creation beyond the advertising. Therefore, this initiative suitable for the PR category.

The Strategy

We launched this initiative at the timing of the election of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, where interest in politics climaxed in Japan. "SIMCITY BUILDIT SCHOOL OF POLITICS" became a big topic with hooks on the news that politics is learned using SIMCITY as a teaching material. In parallel with ordinary PR, outdoor advertisement is deployed in major universities and towns mostly used by youngsters. We also used online video advertisements to announce this politics school to youngsters. As a result of these activities, we succeeded in having various media pick up the uniqueness of "SIMCITY BUILDIT SCHOOL OF POLITICS". Particularly, Newsweek magazine posted this initiative with five feature articles. This measure was taken up favorably and the news reached even the actual politicians. An actual councilor of parliament has participated to study. As a result, this politics school resulted in a rush of 780% of the student's maximum recruitment number.


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