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Name Company Position
Siya Malhotra Edelman Mumbai Senior Account Manager

The Campaign

The Insight: To get women to pay notice and participate in the conversation, it was important for the brand to give them a tangible, fashion element beyond the ice-cream The Creative Idea An exclusive partnership with a popular luxury lifestyle brand to launch a limited edition Magnum collection The fierce and fabulous collection to be inspired by Magnum’s latest brand campaign #UnleashYourWildSide


Tease_phase_(April) 1-We partnered with 8 of India’s biggest fashion influencers, who had a collective reach of over 8 million followers on social media 2-We tied up with new age media giant Scoop Whoop, to run a branded quiz, “What’s your Beast Personality” 3-Released a 7-second announcement Release_phase_(May) •We hosted an unforgettable media unveil of the MagnumXTheLabelLife collection on the 02/05/2017 •Conducted one-on-one interactions with India’s biggest fashion and entertainment publications and were covered live on the publications Facebook pages •A Blogger Roundtable with over 25 social media Influencers •A one of its kind augmented-reality press conference with the celebrities, followed by a press Q&A Excite_phase_(June) •An extremely successful Instagram Show wherein our influencers played models, showcased the collection one at a time A crucial point that aided this win:While Grazia was our media partner, we never let this hamper our media strategy, but instead used as advantage to enhance it.

Media Outputs: For the Tease phase, we secured an AVE of over INR 6 million and a huge media splash For the Release phase, the numbers resulted from the fashion showcase were massive: 250,000 Impressions from Miss Malini alone | 200,000 from Vogue’s Facebook | An overall AVE of INR 17 Million | Overall 72 Million impressions The final media results - An AVE of over FIFTY million dollars and over a hundred million national impressions We successfully generated conversations around the campaign and secured an AVE value of $50 million. Further to this, the event was covered by top electronics with a combined viewership of 50 million+ • Reached out to 10 million+ on Instagram • Magnum saw a 22% rise in their MOC post the campaign in the month of June • The Magnum Unleash Your Wild Side campaign was the most googled campaign post the launch with a 14% spike in their sales during the #UnleashYourWildside Tease Phase (This is basis something the client said casually on the phone – we don’t have this in writing yet) The campaign recommended by us resulted in: • 14% spike in brand awareness during the campaign • Coverage worth AVE of over 50 Million USD • Increase in product sales – compared to summer 2016

The Situation

With no new Ice Cream launches on the horizon for Magnum in India, the brand’s international campaign “Release the Beast” for summer 2017 was our only conversation starter this year. Given that globally Magnum had already established its fashion credentials, we wanted to strengthen this association in India by having Magnum partner with a fashion label.

The Strategy

The target audience: Is the young, 18 – 35-year-old urban, woman who is evolved, well-traveled, enjoys fashion and isn’t afraid of a little luxury indulgence. The target media: Fashion, lifestyle and entertainment PR Planning: • Tie up with a leading fashion brand • Create a limited-edition Magnum Unleash Your Wild Side inspired, animal print collection • Create shopping frenzy with buyers lining up to shop the look Approach: • In April 2017, we spoke only about Magnum and the Unleash Your Wild Side campaign • In May 2017, we announced the MagnumXTheLabelLife association, highlighting the fact that it was inspired by the Magnum campaign we had been speaking about thus far • In June 2017, we drove conversation on social media about the collection, to drive sales and show visually, how the MagnumXTheLabelLife collection helped women unleash their inner beast