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CategoryA03. Cars & Automotive Products & Services
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TOW Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company DENTSU TEC Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 2 DENTSU DIGITAL Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Akira Suzuki DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Daisaku Maeda DENTSU INC. Art Director
Yukito Kanazawa DENTSU INC. Producer / Planner
Keisuke Nishino DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Shinya Iwami DENTSU INC. Account Director
Hirofumi Tanaka Account Executive Account Executive
Takashi Kibe TOW CO.,LTD Producer
Kiminori Soga TOW CO.,LTD Production Manager
Ookubo Takuro SEP,INC Director
Masashi Kato SEP,INC Movie Producer
Toshiaki Irie SEP,INC Movie Producer
Takuto Shinpo SEP,INC Movie Production Manager
Ryo Fukushima T2 Creative Co., Ltd Event Production Manager
Ryoji Yabusaki T2 Creative Co., Ltd Event Production Manager
Miho Kakimoto DENTSU TEC INC. Producer
Yukitaka Suzuki DENTSU TEC INC. Web Director
Chie Katsu DENTSU TEC INC. Assistant Producer
Yasuyuki Okada T.A.C KIKAKU INC. Web Designer
Yoshikazu Seki T.A.C KIKAKU INC. Web Developer
Asako Demura Bit Beans Inc. Producer
Takahiro Imashimizu Imashii inc Photographer
HISAKO Dish lab Food Stylist
Yoshie Tomohiro Gagsynthesizer inc Movie Director
Fukutaro Masago Dentsu Public Relations Inc. Senior Consultant
Tsukasa Nakagawa Dentsu Public Relations Inc. Consultant
Toru Komatsu UpTable Inc. Food Producer / Casting Coordinator
Miyako Yusa FIRE BUG Inc. PR Coordinator
Suzuki B Office B, Inc Food Producer / Casting Coordinator

The Campaign

We transformed XC 90 Excellence as a private room and opened the first high-class in-vehicle restaurant in the world. While visiting beautiful scenery spots, as a completely new restaurant we picked up specialties of famous restaurants and served them. Along with the driver, a sommelier is seated in the passenger's seat, making it possible to respond to any kinds of requests from the customer. The recommendation of this store is the ultimate full course beyond genre curated by Yukio Hattori, the original Iron Chef. Full course which boldly combines Japanese, French, Chinese, Italian cuisine, and store specialty is so to speak, the all-star team of gastronomy. The target who visited this restaurant can enjoy the beautiful scenery seen through the car window one dish at time, and the comfortable and gorgeous drive of XC 90 Excellence.


ALL - STAR RESTAURANT is a project done together with Yukio Hattori, the original Iron Chef, to combine Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian restaurants across the genre. In addition, we collaborated with UberEATS to deliver dishes from each store hygienically and quickly. This campaign utilizes their delivery know-how. The news on this new hot ALL - STAR RESTAURANT gained 250+ exposure, centering on luxury media such as GQ, President, Diamond, and became a big topic. We received a reservation requests for 3 years and 1 month during the campaign implementation period of Feb. 14 - Mar. 14. Customers suitable for the campaign who could be perfect candidate for purchasing the finest R-seater SUV, such as corporate executives from an unicorn company visited. The campaign contributed to build VOLVO's luxury brand image and to build purchase intention of XC90 Excellence.

· 250+ exposure mainly on media such as GQ, President, Diamond etc which contains a lot of wealthy targets. · 628 Million+ media impression resulting from the 250+ medium exposure, and topic spread in social media. · During the campaign period of only one month, reservation requests for 3 years and 1 month were made. We gathered high attention from rich people in Japan. · As a result, the number of brand awareness increased dramatically to 140.4% before and after the campaign, and VOLVO recorded the top brand score in imported cars. · In addition, the number of site visits increased significantly to 180.5% before and after the campaign, and gained attention from many prospect customers. · Finally, the number of requested catalogs also increased significantly to 131.7% before and after the campaign. Succeeded in forming potential purchase for many prospective customers.

The Situation

XC90 Excellence is a product which has luxurious features such as storage type table and bottle cooler as well as quietness and running stability. These features were promoted by changing the car to a high-class in-vehicle restaurant which further proliferated on high-brand luxurious media which includes many of our audience. We also succeeded in significantly increasing the number of brand awareness and the brand image score, the number of site visits, the number of catalog requests before and after the campaign. Therefore, this entry is suitable for the PR category.

The Strategy

Instead of appealing through mass media, which is an inefficient method for our target audience, we selected a topic instead which the target can associate: gastronomy. Under the curation by Yukio Hattori, famous as the original Iron Chef, we gathered many famous restaurants to this project. We also promoted the campaign to high quality lifestyle media such as GQ. Furthermore, this campaign is designed in a way that XC90 Excellence itself is tailored to a high-end restaurant, luxury equipment, which is a product feature, comes to the center of topics with gastronomy. In addition, the targets who visited the restaurant enjoy the gastronomic experience in the car, while at the same time experiencing the drive experience of XC 90 Excellence, and can understand the luxurious appeal of XC 90 Excellence deeper.


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