Product / ServiceGET ANGRY
CategoryB04. Business Citizenship / Corporate Responsibility & Environmental
EntrantVIACOM 18 MEDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation VIACOM 18 MEDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation 2 CHAPTER30 Mumbai, INDIA
Media Placement VIACOM 18 MEDIA Mumbai, INDIA
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Name Company Position
Sonia Huria Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. Head - Corporate Communications & CSR
Misha Paul Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. Assistant Manager
Aalap Desai Chapter30 Partner
Hitank Kedia Chapter30 Partner

The Campaign

Social media platforms are a great way to reach a mass audience, and market your cause. But often, campaigns die because they look shallow and aren’t convincing enough. And how many videos can one consume that evoke the feeling of sadness? We feel compassion, but what happens next? We tapped the one emotion that no one had tapped: Anger, and used it to connect with our audience. The idea was to do a social experiment, create videos out of it for our social platforms and convert emotion to awareness to action, in real time. The powerful message we wanted to convey was that we cared about the same things and got angry at the same things. It was time to start a conversation and take action. Together. There was a need of an intervention.


We started with a survey on Twitter asking people to vote for the situations that got them angry. We selected the top three situations that angered them. To bring out the irony, we did three social experiments with hidden cameras that compared the situations which angered people with those that didn’t and put a scorecard. In each film, passersby react to unorthodox social behavior, but ignore unhygienic habits. So, urinating in public is ignored, but a girl holding a pack of sanitary napkins is not. Passersby stare at a girl in a short skirt offering prayers, but not at people littering the same spot. Pedestrians commenting on a couple getting cozy on a park bench, but ignoring other pedestrians who are spitting at the same spot. To deliver a riveting blow our videos ended with the line: Are we getting angry for the right reasons? Timeline: Ongoing Scale: National

SOCIAL EXPERIMENT 1 | SOCIAL EXPERIMENT 2 | SOCIAL EXPERIMENT 3 • Organic Reach - 4,183,877 | 650,377 | 3,816,538 • Video Views - 1,600,990 | 361,710 | 1,125,458 • Reactions, Comments and Shares - 47,616 | 9,407 | 28,273 • Post Clicks - 860,371 | 68,585 | 473,352 • Minutes viewed - 1,268,110 | 240,342 | 743,046 • Unique viewers - 1,538,313 | 351,758 | 1,045,356 • Total number of comments received on video - 380 | 202 | 120

The Situation

After making huge strides infrastructurally by providing toilets in slum areas with our CSR program Chakachak Mumbai (Clean Mumbai), we shifted our focus to changing mindsets. Cleanliness of mind was our goal. People in our country often feel offended and angry, but we asked a simple question – Are you getting angry for the right reasons? Through a social experiment, we urged people to direct their anger towards the pressing issue of public cleanliness and hygiene. We not only received great engagement on our social experiment videos but received responses from our viewers wherein it struck a chord with them.

The Strategy

Whether you turn on the television, open the newspaper or log on to any social media platform, the sense one gets of the Indian youth, which constitutes about one-fourth of the population of the country, is that of anger. Today, there are 2.307 billion active social media users around the world. That’s nearly one-third of our planet’s total population, with 142M Facebook users only in India; over 90% of these users are on mobile. 66% of the 180 million Internet users in urban India regularly access social media platforms. Our audience was right there. Consuming content on digital. Statistics show that Facebook video viewership has grown from 4 to 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. Connecting with your audience helps to humanize your brand and build real, authentic relationships. The strategy was to hit the audience and enable them to feel anger, and not just empathy.


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