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Alan Sun DeVires Global Marketing Specialist
Sarah Xiang DeVries Global Director
Irene Li DeVries Global Senior Account Manager

The Campaign

Let’s go back to a time when we believed we could achieve anything. When we were kids. Let’s release the unfiltered optimism & dreams of children in China today, to start a conversation, and re-ignite the passion in young Chinese women to strive for their dreams, just like they did, when they were kids. Draw in the community by challenging them to take a pledge to work towards achieving dreams. Bring to life the boldness and share-ability of dreams, visually, with an art installation at an iconic Chinese location, The Great Wall of China, symbolizing a dream-come-true of a seemingly impossible task. A place of inner strength, and optimistic progress. An art installation comprising of multiple giant portraits of modern children’s dreams was displayed atop the zigzag of the Great Wall, challenging and inspiring us as adults, to recall our childhood dreams and garner the courage to strive for them.


•Pre: SK-II collaborated with influencers and grass-root on-line platforms to spark curiosity for the Great Wall experiential “take- over” with dreaming kids’ visuals on Weibo. •Launch: On live event, SK-II created an art installation on the Great Wall, partnered with influential media outlets, Bazaar and OnlyLady, and invited famous singer, Xue Zhiqian, and well-known young actress, Ma Sichun, as well as two kids stars, to discuss “dreams”. To engage the wider community, the “dream” conversations were streamed via live broadcasting online. Further, 5 tier-one influencers were invited to climb the Great Wall and share the “Dream Again” art installation with the consumer via live streaming. •Post: Dramatic drone and video footage of the Great Wall SK-II Dream Again experiential takeover was shared with key influencers to share with their on-line communities and channels. The post-event posts, focused SK-II “Dream Again” branded messaging to further reinforce the brand purpose, #changedestiny

1. DROVE SALES: By the end of July 2016, one month after SK-II Dream Again Campaign, SK-II all channel sales increased 50% and new users increased 110% comparing with the corresponding period last year. 2. In total, 358 million impressions were generated from influencers and digital media platforms • 8 KOL Weibo posts to warm up and grab the attention for Dream Again live stream at the Great Wall. • Over 4 million impressions of exposures on social platforms on event day from celebrities/ kids/ media executives. • 3 posts on Bazaar Weibo generated in total 1.3 million reads in 5 days. • 46 KOLs clippings has posted about the Great take over event and delivered the dream again message with total generated over 119M impressions on Weibo. • 7 clippings generated with total 80 million impressions from OnlyLady related Weibo/WeChat/online/APP • 21 clippings generated from online media about the Great Wall PR Stunt after we distributed press release with total 140M impressions generated. • 20 clippings generated of the Great take over/kid counselor video and delivered the concept of dream again is the first step of change destiny, with over 620,000 viewership on WeChat. 3. KOL Live Stream Result: Over 1.3 million viewership and 4 million Likes for the influencer live-streaming of the SK-II Dream Again campaign

The Situation

SK-II “Dream Again” campaign was grounded on the core idea of the “power of dreaming” with the strategy to drive conversations and engagement via “earned” channels and experiential moments. To spark a conversation, by creating an art installation comprising of giant portraits of Chinese children’s dreams, displayed atop the Great Wall. Young children celebrities talking about their dreams, provided further content, shared through social and traditional media. “Dream” conversations were streamed via live-broadcasting online by media and bloggers to drive community peer to peer conversations. With PR at the center, it was about sparking a conversation with the community.

The Strategy

• To reach young Chinese women we needed to create a compelling narrative across multi-media and experiential platforms, relevant and interactive, in their daily lives, linking back to the overarching SK-II brand platform and assets • To bring to life the power of “dreaming”, we created an art installation comprising of multiple giant portraits of modern children’s dreams displayed atop the Great Wall of China, challenging and inspiring “take-up” and pledge. • To kick off the campaign we enlisted aspirational children & young adult celebrities, to share their personal and compelling stories, giving an powerful content to drive community engagement • Select media platforms and emerging on-line communication platform were used to amplify the message to the broader consumer base • To create a sense of belonging, community and real-time participation we utilized innovative live streaming tools to reach a wider audience and drive peer-to-peer conversations.


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