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Name Company Position
Sean Brown Mango General Manager
Kate Gilbert Mango Account Director
Magenta Boyd Mango Account Manager
Zoe Pert Mango Account Executive
Quentin Reade Orcon Head of Consumer Brand and Communications
Sophia Berry-Smith Orcon Communications Manager

The Campaign

Great creative often comes from great insights, and we found one. Internal measures showed that around 10% of all calls into Orcon’s call centre related to Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the home. The common cause identified was that modems are usually thrown in a cupboard, tucked under the sofa or hidden out of sight and out of range. This is not surprising given how unattractive they are. Our challenge was to get modems out of the closet and onto the mantelpiece for the best performance. Our solution was simple; make them worth displaying. The Orcon Designer Series was born – a limited run of modem covers designed by leading local artists, turning the modem from something to hide to a piece of art you want to show, all while educating New Zealanders about why Orcon’s service is superior.


Our approach included three phases of activity: Relationship development: -We teamed up with five of New Zealand’s most talented artists -  Otis Frizzell, Flox, Askew One, Andrew J. Steel and Anna Leyland – who were not only of interest to media but also used content on their own social channels Media, influencer and blogger relations: -Hosted a media and influencer art gallery launch that showcased the modems and oozed exclusivity. Artist Andrew J. Steel completed a live art installation -Implemented a comprehensive media outreach plan, using the artists to talk about the range and benefits of showcasing their new modems -Partnered with bloggers and influencers to trial and engage with Orcon services and products -Created extensive video content for Orcon’s social channels Partnerships: -Negotiated with targeted media and influencers to share stories throughout campaign -Each artist created a large-scale original design, auctioned off on TradeMe with proceeds going to charity

Objectives reached and majority exceeded. Business Objectives: Drive increases in awareness, customer consideration, NPS score -Orcon’s unprompted awareness up 5 points (to 39%) immediately following campaign, the highest it had been all year. It saw the biggest increase in NPS from -10 in Quarter Three to +4 in Quarter Four -Quarterly Perceptive research showed Orcon most associated with reliable broadband service and fast internet speeds over competitors Increase enquiries in campaign period by 10%, leading to 2,000 new customers -Achieved. Sales enquiries up more than 10% with no other activity in the market. All 2,400 modems sold out Decrease complaints about internet connectivity -Anecdotal feedback from call centre showed a dramatic reduction Communication Objectives: Drive credibility of Orcon’s brand and product -Close to 100 artists, designers, media and ‘cool kids’ attended launch. Artists attended with their closest supporters, expressing pride in being involved “What a dope night w/these legends at Orcon Designer series” @RichieHardcore Twitter “I think this campaign has been incredibly innovative and it’s cool Orcon went left when everyone else was going right,” Askew. Generate positive coverage in traditional news media x12+ pieces -20 pieces of coverage: 2x TV stories, 2x radio, 6x print, 10x online, estimated reach 2.3m. 100% positive sentiment -Plus 4 media partnerships generating 18 pieces of coverage; estimated reach 2.4m. 100% positive sentiment Social media coverage via influencers x30+ pieces -42 achieved, estimated reach 480,000 -Reach: Cumulative of >3m (65% of population) Achieved reach - 4.85m

The Situation

Orcon is a small player in the NZ telco/ISP market wanting to drive brand credibility while showcasing its fast internet products. With no new news, no new products and a limited budget, we were challenged to generate significant media coverage about an intangible service with little competitor differentiation. From one simple insight about a common complaint – Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the home – we launched a campaign so fresh in its approach that we had media and influencers throughout the country talking about a seriously boring household appliance, the modem. But not just any modem, Orcon’s Designer Series modem.

The Strategy

Orcon had always appealed to early adopters and to those who love new products and innovation. Demographically, this target audience was 18 to 45 year-old urban dwellers. As a smaller player, Orcon needed to stand out. Our strategy was to involve the ‘cool kids’ – artists and designers – who appealed to our target audience, driving credibility for the brand. Creating a limited edition product range, i.e exclusive, also helped drive desirability and confirmed Orcon’s status as a ‘brand I like to be associated with’. Strategic pillars included: 1. Partnering with credible names to promote cool and desirability 2. Making noise to drive engagement and awareness 3. Closing the loop with a demonstration of good-will Our channel strategy focused on achieving multiple touchpoints across a range of platforms: - Traditional media (broadcast, print and online across news, art, design, technology) - Orcon’s and artists’ own social channels - Media partnerships


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