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CategoryC04. Audience Targeting / Engagement Strategies


Name Company Position
Stephen Turner Ogilvy Public Relations Managing Director
Jeremy Webb Ogilvy Public Relations Vice President
Horace Li Ogilvy Public Relations Associate Director
Leo Yang Ogilvy Public Relations Consultant
Margaret Wang Ogilvy Public Relations Senior Consultant
Cady Wang Ogilvy Public Relations Associate

The Campaign

The key was to find just the right audience, a previously untapped segment who would be most likely to be interested in the Cup. To meet this challenge, we had a secret weapon: the power of Big Data. We looked at current Audi R8 LMS Cup fans to see what traits they had in common, analyzing their last 50 posts on Weibo. We picked out keywords unrelated to racing to find out their other interests. Then we searched for a segment in the same demographic set who showed a habit of sharing car-related posts – but not related to the Audi Cup – and who also liked those other interests. This demographic also matched up with the same demographic who were fans of livestreaming, an online phenomenon that had exploded on the Chinese internet in 2016, grabbing avid viewers around the country with its interactive and intensely personal format.


Prior to the livestream, each celebrity posted a photo of a racing helmet on their various social media accounts, giving a mysterious teaser to surprise and intrigue their fans, making sure they tuned in to watch the show live. After the event, the three continued to post their reactions and thoughts on this incredible and surprising experience, reinforcing the “sporty” brand message and keeping it fresh in viewers’ minds. In addition, we recruited an array of other online KOLs to spread the message, carefully choosing those especially popular with our target audience. The message was further amplified with ads on WeChat, sent only to those who met the criteria of our target demographic, as well as ads on Yizhibo, one of China’s most popular livestreaming platforms.

We changed opinions of Audi among our target audience. Post campaign evaluation (agency source, December 2016) revealed an incredible 54% increase amongst our target who saw Audi as “sporty”. Our campaign reached 31 million of our desired target audience. Among them, more than 6 million viewers watched the livestream event, and we saw over 12 million interactions with Audi and KOLs online. We also drove greater engagement with the Audi R8 LMS Cup, adding 30% more fans to the Cup’s official Weibo and WeChat accounts, stoking continued, long term interest in the Cup and Audi racing.

The Situation

This campaign redefined Audi in the China market, a brand that most consumers saw as staid and institutional, revealing Audi’s adrenaline-fueled adventurous and sporty side. Our in-depth Big Data research fueled insights into our key consumer demographic, leading us to design a campaign plugging into their favorite hobbies and getting them engaged with the brand like never before. The key to our success was an understanding of China’s complex and ever-changing social media landscape, which allowed us to know when and where to reach users most effectively, and how to ensure maximum interaction and engagement.

The Strategy

To grab attention and make an impact, we had to do something truly unexpected, as well as something guaranteed to have comedic results. We invited three online celebrities (whose skills matched our audience’s interests) to do what they do best… in a speeding racecar, with the whole process broadcasted to fans on a livestream. We chose a fast-talking DJ, a Rubik’s Cube whiz, and a fashionista known for her makeup tutorials. We invited them to the racetrack where the R8 LMS Cup is run. Champion driver Franky Cheng gave our three celebrities an introduction to some basic information on racing and the Audi R8 they would be riding in (thereby also giving this introduction to the livestream viewers). Next, they strapped in and got out on track, having to complete the challenge of performing their talent at a stomach-churning 100 km per hour!


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