Product / ServiceSAVE PET PROJECT
CategoryC02. Use of Social in a PR campaign
Production AQUA Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Jon King japan Executive Creative Director
Shinsuke Sawasaki Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Creative Director
Uno Kunimoto Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Art Director
Seiya Matsumoto Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Copywriter
Akifumi Uzawa Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Digital Production Director
Toshiji Kimura Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Chief Film Producer
Takashi Futami AQUA Digital Producer
Mayuko Kondo Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Interactive Designer
Yukiko Komori Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Digital Studio Designer
Ken Matsuhara Matsuhara Project Casting Director
Kazuhiko Hotta AQUA Digital Project Manager
Hitomi Baba Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Planning Director
Azusa Hatanaka Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Strategist
Dan Ikegami Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Media Executive
Mikiko Tamura Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Account Director
Hideyuki Soraoka Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Account Supervisor
Takayuki Aoki Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Account Executive
Mika Archer MSL Japan Account Director
Chisato Okada MSL Japan Account Executive
Ikuko Ozaki MSL Japan Account Executive
tsukao Seccession Cameraman
Yasuyuki Yanagihara Ancle Art Director
Kota Tamura Ancle Designer
Katsuaki Shoji Ancle Designer
Kanako Kaeriyama Ancle Producer
Kaori Ujihashi Ancle Producer

The Campaign

We developed the idea “Wall for One” where people can volunteer their Facebook wall to help shelter dogs and cats. The campaign simply asks people to choose a dog or cat they like and then allow for posts to their timeline.That’s it. Each animal updates status many times a week using all the allowable timelines to promote their charms.


An algorithm was developed where once the participant selects the shelter dogs and cats of their choice via the campaign page, their Facebook wall can then be lent to them (the animal) for one week. Without the participant having to do anything, photos and posts appealing the animals’ attractive points are automatically posted, and shown on the News Feed of those connected to the participant. As those who saw the posts also participated in the campaign and the process repeated itself, more and more posts conveying the charm of these shelter dogs and cats spread throughout Facebook in Japan.

136,510 posts conveying the charm of these shelter dogs and cats spread across the Facebook network. 203,395 people visited our campaign page. Generated over 3 million social impressions. Inquiries to animal shelters increased dramatically. In just one week, half of the shelter dogs/cats that participated in the campaign were adopted.

The Situation

Because we were able to gain the involvement of many people by proposing to the world a new form of social contribution to use their individual Facebook account as media to be able to help shelter dogs and cats. As a result, through the connections of individuals on Facebook, we succeeded in promoting the charm and talent of shelter dogs/cats, and were able to contribute to eliminating the prejudice people in Japan have towards them.

The Strategy

Our aim is to convey that shelter animals are just as attractive and talented as those sold in stores. We focused on the people who are looking for an opportunity to connect with society via Facebook. In order to heighten their motivation for participation, we proposed an easy yet novel method for social contribution where they can participate by simply volunteering their own Facebook walls (timelines). We were able to utilize this highly credible network of human connections to strongly convey to more people the benefits of adopting shelter dogs and cats.


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