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Title3890 TIGERS
Product / ServiceTIGER BEER
CategoryC01. Use of Digital in a PR campaign


Name Company Position
Emily Poon Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Deputy Managing Director
Charles Akielan Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Director
Kimberly Mah Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Senior Account Manager
Amanda Wong Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Senior Associate
SuFang Goh Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Associate
U-lynn Lee Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Account Manager
Adrian Ortiz Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Account Director
JianLe Liu Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Associate
Claire Lim Social@Ogilvy Director
Claire Waring SapientRazorfish Executive Creative Director
Scott Huebscher Marcel Sydney Executive Creative Director
James Bebbington JKR Senior Creative Director

The Campaign

In 2015, over 24 billion selfies were uploaded on Google servers. We decided to use this generation’s selfie obsession and combined it with art as the weapon of choice to transform them from being ‘armchair activists’ to ‘creative activists’- building an entire movement on UGC. True to its purpose of ‘uncaging art’ to create a meaningful difference, Tiger Beer launched an innovative creative movement in collaboration with six artists from all over the world, each possessing a very distinct artistic point of view. Combining the artists’ unique visual styles and Artificial Intelligence technology, time-starved young men and women were able to elevate their selfies into unique works of art in just under a minute, transforming it into a powerful stand against the decline of wild tigers. Every selfie art, armed with the hashtag #3890tigers travelled across the world, making each one a strong visual pledge of support for wild tigers.


•Top digital media carried news to our audience. •Pop content partners spread the message, making activism accessible and interesting. •6 social films (1 for each artists) showed how creativity can inspire change. •Rapper Dumbfounded produced a track about 3890Tigers – all download proceeds to WWF. •Custom content were released on our global and local Facebook pages. •Social targeting covered 12 markets, reaching fans with common interests within beer, cause, and outdoor groups. •Global influencers (cat celeb Lil Bub, actors Megan Fox, Zachary Quinto, Norman Reedus ‘Walking Dead’) gave #3890Tigers talkability and appeal. •Regional influencers were selected for local relevancy: animal lover Anna Akana, actor Vaness Wu, microinfluencers Bao Ho (HK), Lera Kiryakova (Russia), etc. •We mounted an interactive and immersive event featuring original artworks created specifically for #3890Tigers as well as Singapore’s first traffic stopping anamorphic art piece. •Across each touchpoint was a clear CTA to participate and share #3890Tigers.

Public Awareness and Education •1.2B+ impressions from earned media o“It’s a shining example of a brand supporting not just any cause, but a cause inspired by its brand idea.” – FORBES. o“Creativity is encapsulated in the use of technology and art to help raise awareness." - The New Zealand Herald. o“It’s not often that throwing back a beer can help save endangered species but Tiger Beer, a Singaporean brew owned by Heineken, has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to do just that.” – Refinery29. •Top global digital outlets like Forbes, BBC News, Bloomberg, Vogue, People, and Yahoo!, regional titles Khmer Times, Channel News Asia, New Zealand Herald, and pop culture platforms like Buzzfeed, Dodo, and Vice all covered the movement amounting to more than 530 pieces of coverage. •179M combined impressions and 6.3M engagements across influencer posts + Tiger Beer’s global social platforms (including 5.4M views on the #3890Tigers campaign video) + WWF’s social content. •51k views on a FB Live interview with WWF reps and participating #3890Tigers artist, Nick Gentry. Engagement and Participation •Over 31,900 unique selfie artworks in just 8 weeks. •More than 200,000 visits to 3890Tigers.com and WWF’s website. Build Brand Affinity Tiger Beer saw an uplift in brand affinity scores from Q1 after the campaign was launched. Compared with the previous quarter, there was an 11% increase in consumers seeing Tiger Beer as a “great brand” and a 6% increase in seeing Tiger Beer as a brand they “want to be seen with”.

The Situation

To further cement Tiger Beer’s positioning as a brand of action, Tiger and WWF forged a six-year partnership (a first for both), aiming to double the wild tiger population by 2022. 3890Tigers was created as a first step in this commitment. The campaign centred on a digital tool that let consumers create a selfie-art, each one serving as a pledge for each of the 3,890 tigers left in the world. Our objective was to ‘earn influence’ globally through key media and owned social channels, to create a movement among the target audience in order to engage, share and provoke action.

The Strategy

To start a far reaching creative movement with global scale and impact, we embarked on a digital-heavy omni-channel approach with global reach and scale. We approached it with the following: •Global media outreach to provide worldwide scale and awareness about the #3890Tigers movement. •Content partnerships with major pop culture portals using engaging mechanics that would connect and resonate with our millennial audience. •Sustained social engagement fed by user-generated content, custom multi-media content and strategic paid social targeting to drive continued traffic to site and participation for the selfie movement over a 12-week period. •Extensive influencer programme featuring a mix of global and regional celebrities, household influencer names and micro-influencers in the arts and sustainability spaces participating in the selfie art campaign to drive momentum and buzz for the campaign. •On-ground activation to bring to life the #3890Tigers movement at high foot traffic Clarke Quay Singapore, home city of Tiger Beer.


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