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Name Company Position
Myfanwy McGregor Maurice Adhesive PR Director (ANZ)
Hannah Ross Adhesive PR Account Manager (NZ)
Lwindi Ellis Adhesive PR Director (NZ)
Alex Masson Adhesive PR Creative Lead (ANZ)
Emma Russell Adhesive PR Account Director (AUS)
Sally Douglas Adhesive PR Senior Account Manager (AUS)

The Campaign

INSPIRATION: We identified a relatable, growing trend - millennials are struggling with property prices, so they’re increasingly relying on smaller (or ‘mini’) inner-city properties. Despite the cramped kitchens, entertaining is still a priority. IDEA: KitchenAid launched a pop-up restaurant with a twist! Sydney and Auckland’s smallest apartments were converted into restaurants - 27sqm the size of 2 car spaces side-by-side! Pop-culture phenomenon and ‘everyday chef’, Jonah Reider curated the experience. Jonah amassed global fame in 2016 when he converted his Columbia University dorm room into a trendy NYC restaurant, quickly securing a waitlist of over 4,000 people. His restaurant ‘Pith’, collaborated with KitchenAid to create “Pith By Mini”. With a bespoke five-course menu and only 6 guests per sitting, a table reservation was hotly contested and the restaurant became our idea's central asset: • Media launch • Blogger engagement • Product demonstrations • Consumer activations • Content creation


Touchpoints for maximum reach over two-months: • APARTMENT: using Sydney’s smallest apartment created an additional hook. Architect owner Brad Swartz became a spokesperson for real-estate press • JONAH PARTNERSHIP: an aspirational yet down-to-earth ‘everyday chef’ whose tone and #lit language resonated with our #dank millennials • RECIPES: entire menu (including cocktails) was created with the Mini’s attachments, demonstrating equipment’s versatility. Local ingredient inclusion like kangaroo reflected artisan nature of cooking • INFLUENCERS: fifteen influencers (not paid) trialled the product and shared ‘Mini Moments’ • CONTENT: ‘how to’ recipe videos used for earned media pitching and owned channels, provided a deeper brand engagement. Plus, ‘Tips for Entertaining in Small Spaces’ was used in real estate media, extending brand reach • EVENTS: selling tickets provided a media call-to-action and seats sold-out in ten minutes (waitlist maxed out at 500) • NEW ZEALAND: Sydney insights and approved assets allowed for seamless Auckland activation

MEDIA OUTPUT 1) REACH: 29+ MILLION AUSTRALIANS o 4 major broadcast: The Project (national TV), national youth radio Triple J (1.89 million listeners) and Kiwi broadcast titles - & TVNZ o Secured media verticals outside ‘news’ and ‘food’, such as Real Estate sections. o Secured a front-page piece on reaching over 6 million Aussies with video - ‘How to Entertain in A Small Space’ o National news sites reached 7.9+ million unique users 2) 58 EDITORIAL STORIES - 85% BRANDING INCLUSION o Jonah’s tone and language spoke to millennials: “I’m making a bunch of dank stuff using KitchenAid’s new Artisan Mini Mixer – it’s mad small but is super versatile in making foams, sauces, juices and doughs etc.” 3) 700K+ INFLUENCER REACH WITHOUT SPEND o 14 products loaned out for product trials o Fifty plus ‘Mini Moments’ were shared on owned channels 4) KITCHENAID BEGAN NEW RELATIONSHIPS: o Appeared in key millennial titles for the first time: Broadsheet, The AU Review, Huffington Post and PedestrianTV o Sustained momentum with ‘new product’ and Christmas gift guide placement, securing 5.5+ million reach in key titles: Vogue, Australian Women’s Weekly and New Idea BUSINESS OUTCOME The ‘Pith by Mini’ campaign in conjunction with other communications efforts drove unprecedented brand awareness, delivering a halo effect across the entire KitchenAid brand during important Christmas period GFK sales data showed: Value sales increased from $6.5 million (2015) to $9.4M (2016) = +45% growth

The Situation

KitchenAid had never before targeted millennials, providing both an opportunity and a challenge. For this demographic, the brand was relatively unknown and the product (Artisan Mini Mixer) was unfamiliar and expensive. We had to start a meaningful conversation to build trust and enable KitchenAid to earn a prime position on their kitchen countertops. Our solution? A brave idea that struck at both their hearts and minds. We tapped into the Zeitgeist, identifying a consumer insight that resonated deeply. Once we had their attention, our pop-culture ‘ambassador’ challenged perceptions and inspired different behaviour, helping us to make a big, bold statement!

The Strategy

AUDIENCE: 18 to 35-year-old millennials who like cooking MEDIA: • Mainstream news & lifestyle (millennial) • Social: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat PR PLANNING As the audience is increasingly fragmented, we needed to exploit an existing issue. With millennials increasingly restricted to small (mini) apartments, it’s created a need for efficient (mini) appliances. Ideation checklist: • Brand activation that could own the ‘Mini’ idea • Borrow “brand cool” from someone who influences skeptical millennials • Encourage consumers to create and share ‘Mini Moment’ driving reach • Concept that could be rolled out in multiple markets • Phasing content release to ensure sustained buzz PHASED APPROACH • 1: Influencer engagement for early credibility • 2: Media announcement • 3: Content creation / dissemination • 4: Pre-promote activation - media and consumers • 5: VIP launch - media and consumers • 6: Consumer activation • 7: Driving Momentum - content series, ‘Mini Moment’ sharing