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Product / ServiceFINDING HOME
CategoryB03. Social for Mobile
Idea Creation GREY MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Production KAIGAN GAMES Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Production 2 TWO AM MUSIC STUDIOS Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Production 3 D MOVING PICTURES Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Production 4 WAVE ART STUDIO Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Additional Company UNHCR MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

The Campaign

Transform all of the familiar functions of a smartphone into a uniquely personal storytelling device. Use gamification techniques to enable users to experience the drama and courage of a refugee’s journey of survival through their own phone. Finding Home simulates an entirely new OS within your phone. The homescreen, picture gallery, receiving and replying to messages, phone calls and videos –all become a story canvas. Their phone is your phone. The complex and nuanced refugee story of searching for shelter, unscrupulous adults, supportive communities and the plight of a person with no legal status unfolds in your hands. Now you have to make the decisions needed to survive. Working alongside the UNHCR, we interviewed a series of refugees and constructed a storyline made from real-life events. The ‘Finding Home’ app puts you into the shoes of 16-year old Rohingya, Kathijah as she is forced to flee her home.

Creative Execution

The storyline of Kathijah was built from a series of interviews and testimonies,then translated into the language of a smartphone interface: MESSAGES - Over 800 separate messages were crafted into complex intertwining dialogue trees, creating different outcomes dependant on the users’ response. IMAGES - Via UNHCR two Rohingya refugees were cast as the main characters – Kathijah and Ishak. VIDEO – Bespoke films were shot, inspired by the true events. It took almost 5 months to conceptualise, plan, execute and launch the project. 'Finding Home' was launched on 25 April at UNHCR HQ, Kuala Lumpur with local and international press present. UNHCR recognised the app as an educational tool, appealing especially to teens. As a result ‘Finding Home’ is now a part of their school visits throughout Malaysia. In late May, UNHCR published the app via their global platform – reaching all 128 countries where they are present.

In the two months since launch: Reach: - Downloaded in over 60 Countries – 150+ pieces of International coverage amounting to USD1,335,000 worth of editorial PR value. - On hearing about Finding Home via the piece in the New York Times, Bloomberg selected it their 'free to air' slot - over 6 weeks, the '60 trailer ran 927 times across Asia / EMEA - worth $1,019,000 Engagement: - Avg. Rating of 4.6 / 5 on the Google Play Store Sales $0 media spend. 21,120 Google Play Store / 4,623 on the Apple App Store Rate of download is increasing organically every day. Current download rate is 674 per day. Achievements - Used by UNHCR Malaysia as an educational tool for Schools. - Placed on UNHCR Global digital platform – accessing 128 countries. - Presented to UNHCR Global Digital Council for innovative fundraising.

Malaysia ranks No.1 in mobile app downloads per capita in Asia. Of those 68% are games (source: InMobi Insights 2015). The mobile app platform has no geographical limits and, once posted, has zero cost - the ideal platform for a game that had zero media budget and relies 100% on organic reach. APPROACH 1. Engage new audiences in an old problem. If ‘Finding Home’ was only experienced by those already interested in the refugee situation, we have failed. By using gamification techniques, we transform the appeal of the issue. 2. When people don’t want to hear about refugees, make it look like something new. This could not look like yet another charity appeal. The real refugee story is full of life and death situations – real, genuine drama. So Finding Home felt like an exciting, dramatic game first - the reality of the message comes through the gameplay.


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Per Pedersen Grey Global Global Creative Chairman
Graham Drew Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Executive Creative Director
Jo Yau Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur General Manager
Atlanta Chong Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Brand Director
Heng Thang Wei Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Creative Group Head
Michelle Chong Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Senior Copywriter
Ian Lai Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Art Director
Terces Pok Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Digital Art Director
Mohamed Ismed Grey Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur Video Editor
Huma Qureshi Grey APAC Regional Director PR & Corporate Communications
Cedric Wceke Grey APAC Regional Director PR & Corporate Communications
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