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Product / ServiceIOS STICKER PACK
CategoryC03. Messaging Campaign
EntrantISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

When you’re refreshing a room you want the new items to work with your current ones. So we created a utility that makes sure your new decor choices play along nicely with your current style. We turned the Kmart Living Catalogue into an iMessage sticker pack. And we found a new way to use them. Introducing an all new type of Kmart catalogue - we call it Kmart Stick & Style. Once a user downloads the sticker pack they will be able to browse all the items we have included. They will then be able to visualise the items in their home by taking a picture of a space (within a conversation) and dragging the stickers over the top. They can then share this with friends and get their feedback and recommendations. Friends can even add their own stickers to the picture.

Creative Execution

The Kmart Stick & Style app launched on the 8th August, with support of a short video encouraging downloads on Kmart’s Facebook page. The reception was great, and it quickly spread through tags, shares and comments. - Sticker pack is downloaded from the iMessage App Store. - When people receive a Kmart sticker from someone else, they are prompted to download the pack. - Take a photo of a room and place stickers over the top. - Use in conversations with friends. - Buy product online, or in-store.

The idea couldn’t be more well received. Facebook comments are overwhelmingly positive. In less than 24 hours, Kmart Stick & Style went #1 on the App Store’s Top Free list. In one week, it smashed its download KPIs for the entire year...By over 400%. One social post received: - 200K+ views - 1000+ reactions - 1.6K+ comments

Stick & Style is aimed at image conscious Australians that don’t normally look to Kmart for inspiration. They want their homes to look unique, not have the same items as everyone else, and can sometimes be skeptical of low price products. While decorating their home, people like to take home swatches and samples to see what the product might look like. When buying clothes, people have the changing room to try the new items. You can’t do this for decor. So we decided to use a platform that already exist in the hands and pockets of millions of people (iPhones), and leverage a well spread existing behaviour (asking friends and family’s opinion about shopping choices). Kmart Stick & Style is more than just pictures that people can share with each other; it’s a brand new type of catalogue that’s never been done before, so engaged people don’t even realise it’s a catalogue.


Name Company Position
Alberto Talegon Isobar Australia Creative Director
Carmela Soares Isobar Australia Creative Director
Luke Falkland-Brown Isobar Australia Senior Copywriter
Holly Langford Isobar Australia Senior Art Director
Maurice Moynihan Isobar Australia Senior Art Director
Kavita Mevada Isobar Australia iOS Developer
Dimutu Kulawardana Isobar Australia iOS Developer
Vanessa Tout Isobar Australia Group Account Director
Rose Harvey Isobar Australia Client Engagement Director
Todd Hannett Isobar Australia Producer
Michele Teague Kmart General Manager Marketing
Laurie Lai Kmart National Marketing Manager
Joachim Holte Kmart Head of Digital Marketing
Marie Giannopoulos Kmart Marketing Specialist
Anna Pearce Kmart Digital Marketing Specialist
Shane Northey Shane Northey Video Production
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