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Product / ServiceMAXIS 4G
CategoryB05. Mobile Advertising

The Campaign

The world’s first Buffer Art Gallery, a YouTube preroll that comes to life the moment your mobile phones that buffer.

Creative Execution

Working with Google, we targeted Malaysians who were watching YouTube on 2G, EDGE and slower network speeds that would buffer while streaming on YouTube, plus we found that we could do targeted buys on YouTube based on: 1. Mobile only 2. Competitor Telco 3. Low bandwidth. Maxis had collaborated with a variety of designers, illustrators and artists were commissioned to produce Buffer Art pieces. Their brief, was to use any art medium be it digital, photography, paints, etc to create a piece of artwork that has the YouTube buffer icon as the centrepiece. From the initial pool of submitted designs, we further collaborated with them to create artwork that’s true to their style, but also worked as a piece of art that plays with the YouTube buffer icon. From this we had 20 artists commissioned for this project.

The Objective was to create a pre-roll ad. But above and beyond than just a film piece, we used targeting data to create a custom made design experience aimed at providing a better experience for competitor telco users, even while they are buffering. Value added to brand: The PR Story; “Maxis cheekily gives rival telcos a “better” YouTube experience.” Value for consumer: A fresh and better experience of video buffering. Reach: Above industry benchmark click-throughs, leading to an increase in postpaid subscriptions. Sales: 35% increase in postpaid subscriptions in the first two quarters of 2016.

We wanted to give customers on competitors’ network, a better video experience, even when you’re buffering on slower competitor network speed. We exploited the irony of buffering on slower competitor network speeds, by creating art pieces which would give customers a better video experience, even when buffering. In this instance, we specifically targeted mobile users on competitor telcos who are on low-bandwidth, where Maxis collaborated with artists to create artwork which makes video buffering on competitor networks a more pleasant-looking experience. YouTube preroll buys are usually very generic. Instead of just serving an ad, we created Buffer Art Gallery, the world’s first art gallery on YouTube preroll. The more you buffer, the more artwork you’ll get to enjoy. This goes to show that Maxis 4G is the best video experience, even while you’re buffering on a competitor’s network.


Name Company Position
Chan Woei Hern Ensemble Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Mun Tuck Wai Ensemble Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Norman Tang Ensemble Worldwide Head of Art
Loreen Lim Ensemble Worldwide Head of Production
Betsy Hee Ensemble Worldwide Producer
Sean Wong Ensemble Worldwide Executive Business Director
Keera Chun Ensemble Worldwide Designer
Chan Colin Ensemble Worldwide Designer
Voon Poh Le Ensemble Worldwide Designer
Lee Hui Ru Ensemble Worldwide Designer
Chin Sin May Ensemble Worldwide Art Director
Baharin Jeffri Ensemble Worldwide Art Director
Ng Shuang Chin Ensemble Worldwide Designer
Brian Kong Ensemble Worldwide Art Director
Beverly Ong Ensemble Worldwide Business Manager
Lim Jia Yang Ensemble Worldwide Business Executive
Chan Su Ling Ensemble Worldwide Strategic Planning Director
Debora Teo Freelance Artist
Anthony Fook Freelance Artist
Boey Mae Yern Freelance Artist
Sshown Chang Freelance Artist
Mohd Shafiq Bin Mohd Zailan Freelance Artist
Lim Zhi Lin Freelance Artist
Nicholas Quah Teong Lye Freelance Artist
Chan Xiao Ting Freelance Artist
Haris Rashid Freelance Artist
Ab Hafiz Bin Ab Rahman Freelance Artist
Xin Lee Freelance Artist
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